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Jul. 3rd, 2008 06:07 pm
What it says on the tin: icons about Latin, mottos made up by me (except for number 1, I haven't progressed that far yet). Comments are love, credit nice but not necessary, suggestions for more mottos is awesome.

So I recc'ed my Melian and Arien icons over at [profile] graphics_realm, and then decided that, for all that I am pretty much an icon newbie, they could do with some spiffing up. I've been having fun playing around with transperancies, brightnesses and stuff, and these are the results:



As usual, any feedback is welcomed, and please credit me if you take any. :)
"Miss the golden days of the Lord of the Rings fandom? Get homesick for Middle-Earth?
Then this is for you!

You don't need to sign up anywhere to participate. But if you see this on your friends-page and like the idea, please post this text to your LJ to spread the word.

How to participate:

1. Pick a day of the week (or more than one) on which you resolve to always post something LotR-related in March, and let your friends-list know.

2. Go back and read your favourite chapters from the book, or watch the movies again. Let the beauty of LotR inspire you. And then, share the love.

3. Start your subject line with (B2MEM) when you post, and use a "b2mem" tag. This'll make it easy to spot your B2MEM-entries.

No matter if you just ramble about your undying love for LotR, picspam us, post wallpapers, icons, or write fan fic / create fan art, the plan is to get as many LotR-related entries on our friends-pages as possible throughout March.

Sounds good? We've been there, let's go back again!"

If you were wondering what b2mem is, now you know. I heard about it last year, but I was still in the clutches of the IB monster and thus couldn't participate. I think I'll post on weekends, although depending on the uni workload (alright, stop laughing...) I might be posting more.

Anyhow, here is pluggage for Melian fic. She's the featured character on [community profile] silwritersguild, I made icons of her a couple of weeks ago, and she needs more fic written about her.*

Melian fics:

Songstress - a drabble by Kielle

The Last Temptation by Maeve Riannon, a powerful 'what-if?' ficlet.

Spiderwebs by helga3 - an interesting perception of Melian (and no, it's not Melian/Ungoliant slash... although there is a Melian/Ungoliant slashfic on

Handmaiden of Lorien by Marnie, a bittersweet piece about Melian's relationship with Elu Thingol.

Leithian by erunyauve, more bittersweetness.

*I have a Melian bunny. It came from the Library of Moria's random slash generator of all places, and between the Bilbo/Gwaihir and Pippin/Nazgul pairings, it came up with Melian/Arien, and I went 'hang on, that might actually work...' and now it's brewing. Beware.

I don't know what I'll plug next. Any suggestions?
After I made icons of Melian and posted them, [info]alaniaflamestar requested icons of Arien, the Maia who guided the sun in Tolkien's mythology. (Appropriately, it is 36 degrees in Melbourne today, and it will be 38 on Saturday and Sunday.) I appreciate any feedback, and I might try doing more requests if anyone wants any. I do however plan to do icons of Morwen, Rian and the Finduilasses before you ask. If you take any, please tell me which ones and please credit me. I hope you like them!

Well, I was reading through a thread on the Brothers of Gondor message board titled 'What did Finduilas look like?'. Someone posted a link to a John Williams Waterhouse picture, and I liked it. It tied in with my mental image of Finduilas, especially after reading [ profile] b2wm  's fics about her. So I started clicking around, and went looking for more pics of other Tolkien females in the pre-raphaelite style. ( < / art geekiness >.)

I found lots of pretty pictures, and thought: 'I can't just lose track of these! I should save them!' And then the icon bunnies bit, and swarmed, and even though I've made about 30 icons today they still won't stop pestering me, damn things. Why am I nattering on like this? Because I think the world needs more icons about Melian (and also Morwen, and Rian, and the Finduilasses, etc.) If you read Tolkien, I'd like to know if these icons look like your mental images of the characters.

Anyway, on to the icons. These are all icons of Melian the Maia, although I made some plain ones that could be bases for other characters. Feedback is a lovely, lovely thing, and if you like them so much that you take one, please credit me or at least tell me which one you've taken.

Lots of Melian icons. It's the bunnies, I tell you. The bunnies. )
Icons! )
Whee! It's spring! (Can't really understand why I'm so excited... I never get excited about seasons changing usually... oh well.)

It's spring and I've made icons with puns. If you like physics/science/spring/springs/icons with puns you may like them. Feel free to take, but credit is nice.


<insert dot dot dot here>

Today was a good getting-things-done day, but kinda sad. Now we've finished the Geography option (coasts) and are onto revision, and I've done all my artworks. *sniff* Now I just have to get the teachers to photograph them, which will take a while...

We're also about one class away from finishing the maths course, and we got our portfolios back today! I was very pleased with mine, 18/20. I should hope so, seeing as it was about 30 pages long. (Who says I never ramble?)

Anyhow, since I didn't do too well on my last portfolio (10/20, calculus, erk) I now have an average of 14/20. That's a five, and I'm happy with that. We do have a chance to do another portfolio and try to bring our marks up, but the last one took me forever to do. Plus this one is meant to be extra hard, and is a matrices one. So I'm passing that, and I'll spend the time concentrating on the maths exams instead.

Speaking of which... school friends, has anyone else noticed that we have mocks in about three weeks?! Eep!

Dear Winter,

Your last day already? Whatcha talking about? (And the last day I can claim to use my 'winter' icon, which is my current one. *sniff*)

Well, thankyou for today, you ended on a high note with that beautiful weather. I hope Spring can reach as high, but it should be easy enough with a free dress day tomorrow (note to self: do not forget).

Anyway, take care of yourself in the Northern Hemisphere and I look forward to seeing you again, same time next year.


Tune in on the weekend to see El doing an update in haikus! One day only, everything must be expressed in three lines with a 5-7-5 syllable pattern!
How many minutes between updates? *shrug*

Another IB icon, because the other one was confusing people:

And it applies to everyone, so yay.


Apr. 1st, 2006 01:14 pm

Today seems to be my day for updating... so I made icons, because homework is teh scary. Feel free to nick them, but let me know first.

These three use my favourite Latin quote at the moment, aut inveniam viam aut faciam - I will find a way or make one. Gods know I need motivation right now.


Two from my fandoms - the first was made by [personal profile] misscam and is Doctor Who. I made the second, starring Mal from Serenity/Firefly.


And finally, a couple of random ones. The first is from the "You know you're in IB when..." list, and the other was made in the spirit of winter, since it was cold and raining at the time. And now it's cold and sunny. Ah, Melbourne weather...


And now I should really be doing homework. If I don't surface again, I hope everyone has a nice weekend.



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