This, along with a t-shirt I saw with 'Gneiss cleavage', has convinced me that geology = rock porn.

Geology in real life is when you're with friends and you somehow get to talking about making things overflow in the microwave (porridge, cocoa, etc). (On a related note, I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for it, but I know that the porridge is in fact an alien force from outer space, intent on destroying the world. For reasons I can't quite fathom, it can only move around and not get detected when it's in the microwave. Some people see porridge spilling over the bowl and think of how they've got to clean it. Me, I see the alien sludge creeping back into the bowl once I open the microwave door, its plans foiled, and I go about my day happy in the knowledge that I have saved the world through eating breakfast once again.)

Back to our scheduled program... we're talking about things in microwaves, and someone makes a comment about the stuff overflowing, 'like a Vesuvius'.

What, then, does it say about your nerd level when you think for a moment, then say 'actually, it's not really like Vesuvius, because Vesuvius has thick lava and it's much more explose. This would be more like a shield volcano, since it has much runnier lava.'

I do love science. :D
Firstly - exams. Finally. Over. My thoughts?

Geoscience - "Yeah, I did IB Geography, Higher Level. I'll be fine."
Stats - OMG. *ded*
Classical Studies - You sweet little thing, I love you. Really.
Archaeology - "Okay, so there's Egypt and Babylon and pharaohs and mummies and Mycenaens and Nefertiti and - oh crud, was Ur the capital of Akkad? Did Jericho have a wall and a tower? I'll just write really general points and hope for the best."

And now, I present... Moments in the Life of El!



I cleaned the keyboard. With a blob of bluetack. At 12.30am on Friday night.

I think this says a lot. I don't know what it says, but whatever it's saying, there's a large quantity of it.



I found a bottle of baby oil in the bathroom. A full bottle. Of baby oil.

So my brain went places that I really didn't want it to go, and concluded that someone in the house is either expecting to get some or has a bottle of baby oil 'just in case'. I didn't buy it (unless I've been sleepshopping again...) so that leaves father or brother. I honestly don't know which scares me more.

Then again, it might just be the Baby Oil Gnomes who have randomly given us this gift.



The scene: Sunday night, somehow the discussion has turned to politics. Mother has just made a comment about Costello and Howard...

BROTHER: It's like Costello is Kiff, and Howard is Zap Brannigan.

ME: *brain go smoogly* YOU BASTARD!


ME: You just put the image of Howard dressed as Zap Brannigan in my head, and no amount of bleach is going to erase it. You owe me a new brain.



Wake up at 7.30. Go back to sleep. Wake up at midday. Go downstairs, make tea. Remove cat from vent on which clothes are meant to be drying. Make breakfast. Watch 3.5 episodes of Star Trek: TOS with brother. Remove cat from vent. Eat sausage roll. Begin watching The Three Amigos. Remove cat from vent. Go on computer. Eat dinner. Remove cat from vent. Watch first ten minutes of Torchwood and tape the rest. Remove cat from vent. Go to bed.


And finally, this afternoon...

EL: Returns from exams, has tasty pastie for lunch, begins doing crossword.

CAT: Love me?

EL: Oh, fine.

CAT: *jump* *mooch* Loooooooove you.

EL: Yes, dear, I love you too. Plz to be sitting down now.

CAT: *sit*

EL: *leans forward slightly to resume crossword*

CAT: ARGH the world is capsizing OH THANK GOD they've brought lifeboats.

EL: ARGH get your claws off sensitive female areas!

CAT: Fine. *sulk*

EL: *leans forward again*

*repeat scene*

CAT: Meh, bored now.

EL: *glare* If I have to explain why my cleavage has claw marks, it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.
There are many times when I write lj entries and wish that I'd written about something in an earlier entry, because it's been going on for a while. And what's been going on for a while is that my jaw has been aching. For about three weeks straight. It's only on the left side, and it's a sort of bone/ligament ache, and it hurts when I eat large bits of food. Hence my not eating apples for at least a month.

So I finally went to the doctor today, and it's most likely that I've slightly dislocated it while eating. I have exercises to do, but the actual ligament will take a lot longer to heal, so I'm stuck with an achey-breaky jaw. Woe.

And the worst thing is that I shouldn't eat soft foods, which I can understand, but she said I also shouldn't laugh too much. *sniffle* I am very sad, especially since I've been reading [community profile] metaquotes all week. I guess I can't do anything except just live with it.

[I'll do a happy post this weekend, really, I promise.]


Jun. 22nd, 2007 07:34 pm
Another WTF post, but nothing like the one yesterday, and certainly not as horrifying, but still depressing. For me, anyway.

Thus, my complaint - ABC, why do you promise me Doctor Who this saturday, then without any warning move the first episode to next thursday? I wouldn't have picked it up if I hadn't read the Green Guide. I appreciate that something needs to be done about the lack of anything watchable on thursdays, but can't you do reruns of Spicks and Specks? And I know many people who will be very displeased if The Sideshow was postponed for nothing.

I'm sorry, but I need Doctor Who. One episode of Torchwood is not enough to supply my crack needs for the week, and there' s only so much [community profile] metaquotes can do. [Heh, rhyme.] And if you do not go back in time and buy Torchwood before Channel Ten RIGHT NOW, I will cut you. Srsly.

Yours in aaaaaaaaaaaargh the world hates me this week EMO EMO EMO resignedness, El.



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