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Dear Yuletide author,

First, thankyou for writing for me! I am glad our tastes have overlapped somewhere. I hope you have fun writing!

In general:

Likes: I write mostly gen myself, but I am up for anything pairing-wise - het, femmeslash, slash. I love worldbuilding and minor characters getting a day in the spotlight, and I have never met an AU I didn't like. I love banter, snarky humour and couples or friends being happy together. Serious fic is good, as long as it's not an unending angstfest.

Dislikes: any sort of relationship that isn't consensual (non-con, dub-con, etc), any incest closer than between cousins, violence or gore described in minute detail, ladies being killed off to give someone something to angst about (sorry about the TvTropes link), slut-shaming and other forms of misogyny. I know all of the fandoms I nominated take place in times that have attitudes towards race, gender, sexuality, etc that we find unacceptable today, but there's a difference between writing realistically and being gratuitous.

Now, on to the requests!

Fandom: King Lear
Characters: Cordelia, Regan
Notes: I’d love to hear about Cordelia and Regan being sisters and seeing how they grew up to be the women we see in the play (and Goneril, of course!). Because being a young woman in a royal court is always going to be fraught, and it seems like Lear played favourites a lot and/or had a lot of emotional manipulation going on? Also I would love to see any of the sisters with their husbands and how they work together, because there must have been any amount of Macbethesque plotting in King Lear that didn’t make it onto the stage.

King Lear by William Shakespeare
King Lear on Wikipedia
Picture of Goneril and Regan looking ready to rule the hell out of England

Fandom: The Montmaray Journals
Characters: Sophie, Veronica
Notes: I love Sophie and Veronica being sisterly together and working as a team. The Fitzosbornes In Exile ended just as WWI was about to start, so I’d love to hear about them living in London during the War and coping with rationing and low morale and being worried about their boys in the trenches. Or you could write about them coming back to Montmaray after the war ends and beginning to rebuild the island and pick up the lives they left while trying to heal their family and being aware that since Montmaray is a strategic location they’ll be involved in politics whether they like it or not. Or after the end of TFIE, you could write about them working with the League of Nations/United Nations?

Michelle Cooper's website with extra information about the books

Fandom: The Mummy
Characters: Evie, Jonathan
Notes: Okay, from these notes you may have noticed that I have a thing for sisters? And we don’t get to see much of Evie and Jonathan being siblings in the movies, so I would love to see her trying to be sensible and professional and Jonathan treating life like a party and cheering her up when she gets frustrated. One of the things that grabbed me when I last watched The Mummy is the part where Evie tells Rick about their parents, how their father was an adventure archaeologist and their mother was an Egyptian woman who was apparently “no stranger to adventure herself”, as Evie says... and yet Evie and Jonathan are clearly culturally English? And what would it be like for an Englishman to marry an Egyptian woman in the 1900s? Did their parents have adventures too? What did their mother think about raising her children to be entirely British (because they know all about ancient Egypt, but apparently nothing about Egyptians in the time the film is set)? Basically I would love to know anything about the Carnahan family. If that’s not your thing, I would love to see Rick and Evie being happily married (even if they end up fighting ancient monsters every time they try to take a holiday...) or Ardeth and Jonathan managing to deal with some ancient monster on their own and being very proud of it when Rick and Evie show up to check on them.

(Also in my world there is not and never was a movie called The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.)

The Mummy on Wikipedia
The Mummy on Tv Tropes

Fandom: Hark! A Vagrant
Characters: pony, mystery solving teens, Nancy Drew, Brontes
Notes: A crossover between Fat Pony and any other HAV storyline would be awesome. Fat Pony goes on a road trip through time and space and saves the day in various places by eating things? Mystery Solving Teens meeting Nancy Drew would be amazing, especially if Vanessa and Joan come along for the ride. Or Nancy Drew meeting Wonder Woman or Lois Lane, and they can commiserate. Or the Bronte sisters discovering Twilight.

Hark! A Vagrant archive
I don't think Vanessa and Jean have made it into the comics themselves yet, but they're on Kate Beaton's twitpic page (plus more Mystery Solving Teens a few pages back)

Happy writing and I look forward to reading!



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