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Previously: The Feanorians / The Nolofinweans

Cate Blanchett - Finarfin (setting a regretable trend towards incest in this casting, seriously, just wait until you see the Sindar - but she definitely looks the part).

January Jones - Finrod Felagund (wearing her Nauglamir here)

Looks every bit the Queen of Nargothrond unless you happen to be a wolf monster trying to eat her friends, in which case she will wrip your throat out. She passes the rule of Nargothrond on to her sister, Orodreth:

Sophia Myles - Orodreth

One of the forgotten Finweans, and yes I am playing by what the Silm says no matter how much HoME you quote at me. Orodreth is Finarfin's daughter, and her son is Finduilas:

Matt Czuchry - Finduilas (the one who gets speared to a tree, not the one who marries Denethor)

Angrod - Tabrett Bethel

Very good at pulling faces

and may have an ulterior motive behind talking her cousin Caranthir into some sword-fighting practice

(I probably should have noted earlier that this genderflipped thing contains a lot of fanon. Nevertheless, I maintain that Angrod/Caranthir is as valid a crackship as any other.)

Aegnor - Katee Sackhoff (who I have absolutely no head-canon for whatsoever, but she does look pretty fierce.)

Galadriel - Tom Hiddlestone

And his magnificent hair:

(That's Imogen Poots with him, who incidentally is my regular Silm Galadriel. And they play romantic partners in this show. I told you this would get incesty but I did not quite imagine it would end with Galadriel making out with her genderflipped self.)

Bonus: Galadriel and his associates crossing the ice

Stay tuned for the Sindar!
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