I had an exam today. I also have a cold. Exam 1 of 2 is completed so I am 50% DONE. The cold is not finished and is affecting my inner monologue; look, I have just used a semicolon because of it! The next exam is two weeks from now so can be safely forgotten for the next twelve days. The cold requires me to eat a lot of tea and garlic. I can live with that.

This is part of a larger collection of kimono made with traditional African prints and colours, go and look at the slideshow! I googled it and found this picture which is not included, a pity because it is my favourite.

I hear a lot of people on my flist are doing NaNo! Good luck to you all, I have never tried it myself because November is always a crazy time of year for me and also I like writing fanfic much better. I have however decided to do National Fic Finishing Month, because I have any number of half-completed things on my USB. (I have a file named CRACKBUNNIES, yes, in capitals, which is where most of my fics start now before I move them to their own file. It is currently a little over 21 000 words long.)

So in the interests of procrastinating on that, indulge me?

Out of utter, totally hypothetical curiosity, if I was chained up in your attic, and I had to write you one story, what would you request? Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write but know is never going to happen?
Talked to two professors about honours projects.*

Had lunch with a friend whom I haven't seen for some time.

Acquired the right ingredients for cooking dinner on saturday (trying this recipe, wish me luck!).

Acquired, at a different store, the most awesometastic eighties prom dress the world has ever seen. (Maybe the eighties-ness of it is in question, because it so magnificently outdated that I'm having trouble placing it, and possibly no-one ever wore it to their prom which is their loss, but its awesometasticness cannot be denied.)

Made dinner.

Almost completed an application form for a muffin-themed franchise summer job.

I have certainly had busier days, more stressful days, and days where essays were begun and finished in the span of a few hours, but I haven't had a day that felt as productive and generally full of good things as today for a little while, and I've forgotten how lovely those days are.

The sun helps. Basking on the lawns is practically the uni's official sport.

*WTF? Serious, what the fuck? I'm meant to be a first year who still wanted to major in archaeology and scoffed at the idea of doing one essay for the whole semester, end of story, I can't believe anyone calls this uni thing hard no I have definitely not just failed a class in my first semester because I couldn't be fucked going to the lectures, what are you talking about?

I'm feeling a little whiplashed at the moment.
Arrrrrrrrgh tired. Did not remember how exhausting the first day back at uni is, probably my brain deleted the memories so I would keep coming back. Also my hotmail is being stupid and shoving perfectly legit comment emails into the junk mail folder, if I haven't replied to something you said it is not your doing.

Silly idea at dinner tonight: muppets doing Shakespeare. Miss Piggy doing any female role would be hilarious (Juliet, Ophelia, Titania, LADY MACBETH OMG) and Swedish Chef could do Titus Andronicus. Except I don't think they did shakespeare. Well there's this, and it's wonderful but not quite what I was aiming for:

My friends, I am feeling a little bit brain-dead, partly because I did not sleep well last night (who turned the weather up suddenly, seriously) but mostly because I spent the best part of three days stuffing astronomy-related knowledge into my brain and then spent the best part of three hours vomiting it up into an exam this morning. And on the day of the Race That Stops A Nation Except For Students Of Universities On Federal Land, too. (But then again, state police can't arrest us on campus so there are perks.)

And so my brain is saturated (saturated? Out, damn geology! Come back in March!) with knowledge that I won't need in the immediate future, there's no room left for knowledge about the exam on friday, and I'm not exactly sure how a salad can solve this but it did stop me being hungry. And if you too are suffering from a full brain and an empty stomach, maybe salad will work for you too.

The Exams Pasta Salad, El-style, step-by-step
  1. Read food blogs; become hungry.
  2. Determine to make pasta salad.
  3. Find that key ingredient for pasta salad is lacking.
  4. Trip to shops.
  5. Return from shops, triumphant.
  6. Begin cooking pasta.
  7. Find various things in fridge that might go in a salad, which include but are not limited to: half a zucchini, small piece of broccoli, tomato paste, olives, half a tomato, sundried tomatos, parsley, few stalks of coriander, half a capsicum, remains of dip, etc.
  8. Chop desired vegetables into small pieces.
  9. Discover that tomato paste has Fallen In With A Bad Crowd.
  10. Remove parts of tomato paste that have Fallen In With A Bad Crowd.
  11. Stop pasta boiling, drain.
  12. Put pasta in bowl.
  13. Add tomato, tomato paste. Mix.
  14. Add other things bit by bit; mix.
  15. Taste test; good but lacking in salt, and slightly too acidic.
  16. Enter olives and parmesan cheese, stage left.
  17. Taste test again.
  18. Satisfaction.
  19. Eat.
  20. Blog about it.

Also, good luck to all of you doing NaNo! - I've missed the boat for NaBloPoMo, but at least I am free after the 6th, and it is my birthday next week! So it will be an entertaining November, as Novembers should be. And now I should go and start revision for my friday exam, fuelled by pasta and other things.


Nov. 5th, 2008 09:01 pm
On this day:

I have no more exams;

America's got a new President ;

And we should be letting off fireworks not only for the above reasons.

Life is good.

I'm not going to make another post about finishing assignments at ungodly hours of the morning because we all know how that turns out. This is what happens the morning after:

Cats: Mew*


Cats: Mew?

El: Er, by which I mean 'good morning'.

And some time later, the pattern repeats:

Fellow geologist-in-training: Hello-


Other students: ...

El: Good luck with the exam. Right. Lining up now.

*Which could be any number of things from 'we can haz breakfast nao?' to 'I believe that I have left my umbrella at the bus station'.


There is no way to eat Singapore Noodles with any sort of dignity. Especially not on a train.


I think I need a nap. I think I also need Desolation Island. Which one? Should I try to sleepwalk to the library?

Somehow I volunteered myself into doing coffees for a Breast Cancer Awareness breakfast at uni tomorrow. Two hours of frantic coffee-making interspersed with pancakes. I'm happy to get more practice and it's for a noble cause, but I'm under no delusions that this is anything but (yet another) method of procrastination.

Things To Procrastinate About

1. Literature review for generic-science subject. I've stopped counting the days it's officially overdue and gone onto how many days I have left to hand it in before they won't accept it. New method of counting current stands at 3.

2. [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon project. This is really quite unforgivable. I didn't start writing it until about a month before the due date, and I can't find the will to fix the thing. My brain sees 5000 words of fic and goes 'no, too hard, move on'. Added to that is that the first draft had a plot and was relatively easy to write, while the reworked version is going to be reflective, and probably a lot shorter. I'm really not sure at all where the reworking will go. I've had this problem with other fics - there's 3000 words about Beruthiel on my hard-drive. I like those 3000 words. I would really like to post those 3000 words, but the fic's not finished and yet where it stops is a logical place to stop, although it's incomplete. It's been that long since I wrote the first 3000 words that I'm wary of finishing it off with a completely different writing style that shows the join between writing so clearly. I wonder if adding extensions to houses is like this. Maybe I have Fic Renovation Anxiety Syndrome.

3. Top Gear/Transformers crossover. I promise I've not forgotten it.

On the other hand, my reading list is coming along nicely:

40. Silverthorn
41. Master and Commander
42. Dawnthief
43. Post Captain
44. Warrior
45. Warlord
46. Mortal Engines
47. The Princess Bride
48. Prospero's Children
49. HMS Surprise

Now I've begin The Mauritius Command, which will take my list to #50 and thus complete [livejournal.com profile] 50bookchallenge! Huzzah! (Although there's a Temeraire novel in there somewhere as well, so I may have already completed it. It's getting hard to remember.)

I had my atmospheric science exam today, eep. I think that I passed, but I'm not sure by how much (and if I didn't pass then that's it, I'm taking another subject). As far as my subjects go it rates at number 3 out of for, and that's because geography somehow managed to be even worse. It probably would have helped my understanding if I'd started to read the textbook at the start of semester and not three days before the exam. In any case, our lecturer was brash and generally unsuited to teaching (although the tutors were very nice, and actually competent) and there was too much maths and obscure physics for me to really enjoy it. Whatever my score, I won't be doing the sequel unit next semester.

I say I think I passed because last week I got struck down by the mother of all colds - not flu, thankfully, but a more concentrated dose than the last sickness. It reduced me to sleeping for about seventeen hours each day and feeling muddle-headed for the rest, and I was getting seriously worried when friday rolled around and I still wasn't over it. I felt better on saturday, though (and then fell victim to my finely-honed procrastination skills - seriously, I need something that will block my computer from the TV Tropes website) so I guess it's good timing, in a way - at least it didn't happen this week, because I would have been completely screwed then. Exam was still exhausting, though, even if some kind god answered my prayers and there were no questions about the specific and saturation specific humidity. But three hours is a long exam. For a while there I thought I was going to lose all feeling in my arm.

In any case, it's done now, and I'm going to have a much easier time with Geology 2: Electric Boogaloo on friday. And I can redo all my case studies from IB Geography for that exam on monday.

Vaguely interesting fact one: I saw a new bird in the garden today, and it turns out to be an Eastern Spinebill. I've never seen one before, and they're pretty cute.

Vaguely interesting fact two: the moon is rising, and since my bedroom window faces east I can see it as I write this. With the lights turned off it's amazingly luminescent - must be almost full - and there's a faint star near it. Sometimes you forget how awesome nature is, and then it leaves you going 'dude, wow' again. We have an awesome natural satellite.
This is one of those hello-I'm-not-dead-yet posts, but I have the excuse that it's my brother's birthday for another seven minutes.

Happy birthday, brother-of-mine!

That said, I've been reading [profile] get_medieval last night and tonight. I'm fangirling Sir Gerard, and he and Eleanor are utterly adorable together. Also: SIEGE BEES!

Elb's birthday drabble: not written down yet, but coming along nicely.

Reading list: I just finished Wolves of the Calla, and um. Jeez. Pop-culture refs much? Still enjoyable, even if the plot isn't exactly new. And I have the rhyme from that book - Oh Susannah-Mio, divided girl of mine, lost her rig on the Dixie pig in nineteen-ninety-nine - going through my head to the tune of Single Female Lawyer. It almost scans.

I went to see a games exhibit on the weekend, and they had a text-only Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game. Best thing ever, I tell you, even if I died approximately 0.057 minutes after beginning it.

Exam-wise: I rediscovered the joys of last-minute revision. (Do we go through this every year? Yes, we do. And we never learn.) Hastily-scribbled drawings work surprisingly well as revision, although I realised after the exam had finished that I completely got the wrong idea on metamorphic core complexes. Ah well, I'll learn it for next term. Atmospheric Science exam, however, is going to be a bitch and then some.

Don't want to end the post on that note, though, so look! Bees communicate through interpretive dance!
Here's a tiny little post informing you that I am still alive and safe from rabid Geography teachers, although today was exhausting as well. Thank god for chai, is all I can say.

That, and it was Terry Pratchett's birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DISCWORLD MAN! *sends scumble, pork pies and a thoufand elephantf*
It's over. It's done. It's finished.

If I ever look like I'm going to pull an all-nighter like this again, I want all of you to beat me with sticks. Pointy ones.
It's cold, the train was late, the bus was crowded, I had a geography essay due today and it's not in (and yes I've known the due date since the semester started and yes I left it until last night shutupshutupshutup), I panicked for an hour during Latin when I thought I'd left my USB containing said essay at home, I had it all along but I still didn't finish the essay on time, it's cold, I missed my Latin tute because I thought I had a test in atmospheric science and I didn't, one of the buttons on my jacket came off, it's really bloody cold, I'm tired, and I have 'Beyond the Sea' stuck in my head.

I never knew mondays could be such... mondays.
Apparently the lab isn't due until the 18th. This means that I must go over it and write it properly, since I can't use the last-minute-I-know-it-fails-but-at-least-it's-in excuse. Er... yay?

In other news, I have joined the [community profile] femgenficathon after reading through the masterlist for last year and 2006. Looks like fuuuuun. This is my quote, but I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet:

Traditions are the guideposts driven deep into our subconscious minds. The most powerful ones are those we can't even describe, aren't even aware of. -- Ellen Goodman.

My [profile] 50lyricsfanfic prompt table is sadly languishing, however. I haven't written anything for weeks, which I blame on [community profile] fandomsecrets, [community profile] fanficrants, uni, my lack of private computer (soon to be remedied! eee!) and the muses. In that order. I have been reading a lot of things, however. My [profile] 50bookchallenge list now has:

29. Daughters of Britannia: the lives and times of diplomatic wives by Katie Hickman
30.  The Gunslinger by Steven King
31. The Drawing of the Three by Steven King

...yes, it's that series. I'm enjoying it, though, even if I'm halfway through Brilliance Of The Moon and haven't touched it for a week. When I've finished them, I'll start on James Barclay. Or the Soldier Son trilogy. Or the Aubrey books. Or whatever book I happen to pick up next. :P

Mmm... it's raining, and my fingers smell like mandarins. Why does lj have a current music but not a current smell option? That would be interesting, and thought-provoking. Hmm.


Apr. 11th, 2008 09:17 am
I finished my atmospheric science lab report* with an hour to spare! I'm getting over my cold! *dances*

*As to whether I actually pass it or not is yet to be seen.
Liquid Nitrogen Day was a success, albeit windy. Icecream is strange, almost like condensed milk, but still tasty. Photos soon.

The Comedy Festival was a riot of laughs, even if it meant I only got seven hours of sleep last night.

As for uni... urrgh. I'm going to go and read [community profile] fandomsecrets and pretend the Ten Percent Exam Trifecta Week never happened.
Hear me, ladies and gentlemen! On Wednesday the Second Day of the Month of April, my uni physics club is holding its infamous Liquid Nitrogen Day, and I need your advice! Tell me what to bring to this most excellent event so that we may see it frozen and shattered upon the ground! There are but two limits upon your suggestions:

- that the items be readily available. No sending me to Darkest Peru in search of some amazing berry that only grows on one tree, please.
- that the items are relatively sturdy. The email itself suggested eggs, but I'm not going to try that in a backpack.

Apart from that, any and every suggestion is welcome! Photographic evidence will assuredly be forthcoming! You have until this time tomorrow to comment!

And with that, dear readers, I bid you adieu for the night. *sweeping bow with top hat*

PS. Now I know how to say 'shut up', 'thief' and 'your mother' in Latin, so I can quit the subject. :P
At the FOME (uni fantasy club, lovely place) movie night on friday, they were clearly trying to play 'freak out the newbies'. During Shaun of the Dead, one old(ish) member leaned over to me and said, 'Do you know there's BDSM homoerotic Care Bear fanfiction?' Nice try, but my non-fandom friend had no idea what they were talking about, and my time at the PPC and similar places has given me nerves of steel.

I didn't even think. I stared right back at him, and said calmly, 'Do you know that there's Legolas/Treebeard fanfiction?'

They lol'ed. There was mentions of splinters in painful places. I am sure that I am in geek nirvana.

In other news, it's back to Middle-earth month, ABC2 is showing the Ninth Doctor Who series again, and the FOME barbeque brought me to unheard-of levels of geekery yesterday, but they like Yugioh: TAB and xkcd so it's all good. And we're going to the guide dog open day to see puppies!

The next post will come to you from the futuuuuuuure! ...so until then, farewell.


Feb. 20th, 2008 02:57 pm

 My timetable woes are all cleared up, thanks to juggling the subjects and flexible Latin teachers. I haven't even met them yet and I already love them.

In other news, it's pouring rain and I really should learn not to wear thongs in such weather. I've also finished number 17 on my 50 books to be read: The Assassins: The Story of Medieval Islam's Secret Sect . Huzzah!

- She of the wet feet

Ps. And the cat is trying to mooch on my toes.


Feb. 19th, 2008 01:10 pm
Dear university timetable adjuster,

No, I don't care what you say, a tute and a lecture isn't a clash. I obviously go to the tute. Lectures do not matter on the grand scale, they can be read online. A tute and a tute is a clash, and I've got one already. This would not be happening if you'd accept that a tute and a lecture clash do not matter because the tute takes precedence.





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