Busy days; having recovered from some sort of flu bug and having finally got past a fortnight that included a stolen laptop, my mother's aunt dying and an oven door that decided it wanted to become stuck halfway open, I find myself trying to start and finish a lit review and begin the process of cutting my rock samples and battling winter. I am knee-deep in articles right now and trying to convince myself that Fimbulwinter is not upon us quite just yet even though we only reached 11 degrees today (that's 11 degrees celsius, and northern hemisphereans, feel free to laugh at my quaint ideas about cold. I do the same when there's mass panic about a 35-degree heatwave.)

I have also finished my genderflipped Silmarillion casting that I started with [livejournal.com profile] minviendha  however many weeks ago, covering the House of Finwe and the main Sindar players. And that will be all. Slightly incestuous with my regular Silm ladies casting which I will make one day, but it can't be helped.

So I realised that I had a few ficlets on various computers and USBs that I never actually posted here, and you'll be seeing them this week. Without further ado:

Geology Rocks - Merlin season 1, no spoilers - In which the Merlin crew are going on a field trip. [livejournal.com profile] agenttrojie  mentioned the idea and I ran with it.

It's bloody typical, Arthur thinks, that it would rain all day every day on the one field trip he forgot to pack his raincoat. He's remembered why all the professors speak about rain as a geologist's worst enemy: everything is slippery, he can't see a damn thing, the outcrop is getting soaked as fast as he can hammer away at it and the expensive waterproof notebooks are living up to their claims, except that he can't write on them in pencil when they're wet and the ink from his pen is running all over the page. He's soaked to the skin, again. He'll have moss growing on him by the time they go home at this rate.

Even more unfair is that he's the only one getting soaked. His father and Morgana are looking at an anticline hinge on the other side of the hill and no raindrop would dare fall on them in case Uther vaporised it with his eyes. Gwen is ridiculously sensible so of course she's prepared, although from the way she's going on about acclaps in the succession she probably wouldn't notice if it started snowing. Lance is tagging along with her although if he's interested in structural he should be up with Uther and Morgana, and the bastard has some secret way of keeping his notes perfectly dry. Bloody scholarship students. And Gaius doesn't even seem to notice the rain because he's looking at the succession with a dreamy expression, although knowing Gaius he's equally likely to be wondering what's for dinner.

So that leaves Arthur getting soggier and soggier and not having anyone to yell at about it, when Merlin reappears around the curve of the outcrop. 'Bit wet, isn't it?' he says cheerfully, and then 'God, you look like a drowned rat.'

'I've noticed,' Arthur growls.

'I've found some forams in the mudstone up above the volc stuff,' says Merlin in the tone of someone revealing an amazing secret. Arthur's tempted, but this is normally the point when Uther looms over his shoulder and manages to convey through body language alone that only hopeless reprobates study fossils, no matter what Jurassic Park told him when he was eight. Then Merlin says the magic words.

'They're under an overhang.'

Arthur turns around and checks very carefully for Uther being behind him, but his father is still on the other side of the hill. 'Lead the way,' he says, and Merlin grins.










Volcano in Montserrat erupts, giving spectacular views for passengers on a plane flying by.

Aw man, we're studying Montserrat's volcanoes right now and everything. Awesome photo though.
The first time I heard about Ada Lovelace was from Sydney Padua's webcomic, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (which is goddamn glorious, and I'll post an entry full of squee about it some other time). That led me to the link to Ada Lovelace Day (for which the first comic was originally drawn) and so now I'm here, posting about women in science. Specificially, women in my chosen scientific field of geology.

Sometimes I think that my comfort viewings are not other people's comfort viewings. I have a cold at the moment, you see (so it must be the start of the cold months), and I've been distracting myself by watching videos of pillow lavas and thunderstorms. They are strangely mesmerising! The lavas especially, because I am of course a geology geek and because they are so interesting, they look like fiery worms and nothing else like them forms on the Earth. Thunderstorms are perhaps less strange but just as entrancing. In one of my lectures we watched a clip of 30 seconds or so of storm clouds gathering over the sea, and it was so beautiful that I could have watched it for hours on end. The thunderstorm vid here is not that one, unfortunately, but it's still pretty.

And I swear I'm not trying to turn this into the Funny Video Blog #43574037543, but if you're not held enthralled by lava or clouds there are the 26 Cats Who Love Beer. The 4th from the bottom is my favourite because I applaud anyone who can wrangle a cat into a harness.
Since it is finally december I feel justified in breaking out my absolute favourite christmas icon, although since my Discworld icon is from Hogfather I guess I have a christmas-themed icon all year round. But I am not a major retail company so I am not low enough to start putting up red and green in october, for chrissakes. I think it would be almost alright for Australia to have a major holiday in November just so there would be a buffer between the last holiday, which is Fathers Day I think, and Christmas. Even though I hate turkey, because really.

< / scrooge >

To be honest I am going a bit stir-crazy despite not being imprisoned in any way shape or form, I think it is because my brain has lots of little fic ideas but none of them are clear right now. It like my head is a pot full of water that is on a stove, and there are bubbles at the bottom of the pot but they're not making it to the surface yet, or possibly ever. (I really hope it's not ever.) So right now I am not a happy pot, not at all. Is anyone else having a problem like this? We can team up as Pot and Kettle and fight crime make each other write!

Also I woke up yesterday and thought it was a good idea to ship Celebrimbor/Finduilas, [livejournal.com profile] minviendha what have you done to me

Also I have been trying to sort through my photos from geology fun tiems, it looks something like this: )
Thankyou guys for all of your birthday wishes! I'm going away for geology fun and games for a week, see you on the 22nd! Hopefully the [livejournal.com profile] yuletide letters will have gone out by then, and you can watch me flail all over the internet.

Have fun everyone! I would say more but we are leaving at 7 tomorrow morning, and I should have been asleep half an hour ago...
Diamonds are behaving themselves tonight. I've done the first draft of my essay and it's only 1025 words over the limit. I think this is a personal best!

Also, someone get rid of this Nu!Trek bunny for me or help me give it a plot, I only have this line for it:

'Jim, STDs are not creatures in an ancient children's game. Your aim should not be to catch 'em all.'

Yes, that's Bones saying it. He is my favourite.
Dear diamonds,

Fuck you. You are most definitely not this girl's best friend right now.


Dear [livejournal.com profile] runaway_tales,

Your description on LJ Spotlight is making me confused. And hungry.


Dear Star Trek showing on IMAX,

My darling, cruel forces (see my letter to Diamonds) are conspiring to keep us apart. Best of love to you.


Sometimes, I really hate being a responsible adult.
Today I held uranium-rich rocks in my prac class. Geology: FUCKING HARDCORE.

I keep wanting to leave the full stop off my sentences, I think I have been reading too much H!AV
So, er, hello, flist. *waves* Yesterday - and the day before, actually - I had a weekend. And on that weekend I made pancakes, and because geology is lodged in my brain in the same way that a cat is lodged in your lap with claws ever so slightly extended into your delicate flesh, I began to see in my pancakes what I would usually need a microscope and a thin section to witness. My pancakes were euhedral rounded grains that appeared brown under PPL and had no pleochroism. I rotated the saucepan to be sure. I regret to say that I don't know what they might have looked like under XPL - if anyone out there knows, please tell me! They also showed zoning (or possibly growth rings) and inclusions. Or possibly vacuoles. I have named this new mineral pancakite.

And the point of this is: I am the sort of person who sees rock grains in her pancakes, pancake grains in her rocks, and everything in between. As I said: public service announcement. If pancakes or microscopes offend you, read no further. Consider yourself warned.

So a couple of weeks ago my good friend [livejournal.com profile] agenttrojie  got metaquoted. Congratulations to you, Trojie! Now everyone is posting versions of the Discovery Channel Ad Song  related to whatever they geek out about, and here's mine. Yay geology!

I love rock science
I love geology
I love volcanics
I love petrology
I love the whole world
Core, mantle and the crust
Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada

I love landmasses
And continental drift
I love subduction
I love mid-ocean rifts
I love convection
It makes the plates go round
Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada

I love phenocrysts
I love porphyroblasts
I love matrices
I love volcanic clasts
I love thin sections
I love hand specimens
Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada

I love the earthquakes
I love the fault lines
I love the folding
And syn and anti-clines
I love tectonics
And deformation too
Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada

I love fiammé
I love (cooled) lava
I love ash layers
And tuff and scoria
I love volcanoes
They're really cool to watch
Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada

I love the granites
I love the olivines
I love the feldspars
I love the pyroxenes
I love the mantle
It's got some awesome things
Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada

I love the cross-beds
I love the turbidites
I love the micas
And clays and biotites
I love the sandstones
And shales and mudstones too
Boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada...

Darwin Day

Feb. 12th, 2009 09:28 pm
Happy Darwin's Birthday! The Melbourne Museum is having a party to celebrate and this is the menu:

Course 1
The Precambrian Earth - No Life
Crusty arancini (representing the earth's hot, rocky surface 4.5 billion years ago) with a mushroom and goat's cheese centre and a green herb aioli.
Mini corn fritters (mimicing the coarse structural texture seen of the oldest rocks) with avocado and coriander salsa.

Course 2
Early Oceans
Shots of seafood bisque with a drizzle of spinach oil echoing the earth's early oceans 3.6 billion years ago.

Course 3
Origins Of Early Life In The Seas
Grilled scallops in the shell topped with dill sauce, peeled prawns in urns of ice with citrus wedges, oysters on seaweed salad topped with a tomato and dashi jelly represent the diverse invertebrate life in the seas 540 million years ago.

Course 4
The First Fishes
A mild blini topped with pearls of caviar and crispy white bait, shoe string fries and tartare sauce served in a paper cone pay tribute to the evolution of fish about 480 million years ago.

Course 5
Life Invades Land
Crocodile skewers served with a native finger lime and sweet chilli glaze mark the transition of life from sea to land 360 million years ago.

Course 6
Mini 'dinosaur drummettes' (barbequed chicken drummettes with a Cajun seasoning) represent the arrival of the largest life forms to evolve on land.

Course 7
First Mammals
Herb and parmesan crusted lamb cutlets with a tomato and olive tapenade, assorted barbecu skewers (satay beef, Teriyaki chicken, Middle Eastern lamb skewers) and lamb korma with basmati rice and a drizzle of yoghurt raita accompanied by grilled naan bread mark the arrival of mammals some 220 million years ago.

Course 8
The Rise Of Plants And Greens
Jungle curry - Malaysian vegetable curry and mint icecream in mini cones with mint represent the plant kingdom which evolved much the same time as animals some 2 billion years ago.

Course 9
The Killer Asteroid
Chocolate fountain with bowls of bits to dip (strawberries, dinosaur shaped meringue, Turkish delight, star fruit, melon, bananas, marshmallows), meteorites with churros with a lava centre and chocolate truffles with coco dust are the killer asteroid which wiped out animal and plant life some 65 million years ago.


Mmm, the taste of geekiness... Happy 200th Birthday, Darwin, even if you did call my country 'very dull and uninteresting'. XD

I'm off on a week-long field trip tomorrow, accompanied by Mjollnir the Hammer, Odin the Handlens and Loki the Compass. Everyone keep safe and happy and expect a lot of rambling about rocks when I get back. :D
This is my newest geological aquisition: hammer!

MARVEL at the bluntness of the head! GASP at the sharpness of the other end of the head! SEE the horizontal bands on the handle which would represent series of geological intervals if it were a rock sequence!

The mighty hammer needs a name, of course. So far I've thought of:
  1. Thor
  2. Mjolnir
  3. Captain Hammer
  4. Grond
  5. Smitenator
Any ideas?

And it's also springtime here, proven by our nectarine tree being in flower:

How is your week, friendlings?

17/9/08 - Thanks for all the suggestions and admirations of the hammer! I've decided to name it Mjöllnir, because 1) it will be fun to watch people try to pronounce it; 2) it will be fun to watch people try to spell it; and 3) it's a boomerang hammer*. How awesome is that? And my handlens will be named Odin, having one eye, and my compass (when I acquire one) will be named Loki because I always manage to use the damn things incorrectly. :D *As long as I remember that MY Mjöllnir is not a boomerang hammer. Important point.
Oh number pi, oh number pi,
Your digits are unending,
Oh number pi, oh number pi,
No pattern are you sending.
You're three-point-one-four-one-five-nine,
And even more if we had time.
Oh number pi, oh number pi,
For circle lengths unbending.

*(A Pi Approximation Day, anyway. For those of us using the day/month/year system, 22/7 = 3.142857...)
Hear me, ladies and gentlemen! On Wednesday the Second Day of the Month of April, my uni physics club is holding its infamous Liquid Nitrogen Day, and I need your advice! Tell me what to bring to this most excellent event so that we may see it frozen and shattered upon the ground! There are but two limits upon your suggestions:

- that the items be readily available. No sending me to Darkest Peru in search of some amazing berry that only grows on one tree, please.
- that the items are relatively sturdy. The email itself suggested eggs, but I'm not going to try that in a backpack.

Apart from that, any and every suggestion is welcome! Photographic evidence will assuredly be forthcoming! You have until this time tomorrow to comment!

And with that, dear readers, I bid you adieu for the night. *sweeping bow with top hat*

PS. Now I know how to say 'shut up', 'thief' and 'your mother' in Latin, so I can quit the subject. :P
Nyar. This seems to be cracked-out dream week, except this was much longer than the baby bat one, and much stranger.

So there I was, dressed up as a noble (not sure what time it was, 18th century maybe? It was an era that involved corsets and amazing hats.) There were lots of other nobles, we were all talking, and there was a feast. And our feast table was long. I mean, looooooooong. I couldn't see either end of it, and it was sort of on a slope, and I was near one end. Strange enough for you?

Then, it turned out that we were on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The table turned into a rollercoaster, and I must have changed clothes because I was wearing something I could run in. But anyway, we went up one side of the bridge and I saw a friend that I haven't seen for about a year. She looked the same except that her hair was pink, and then Tennant!Doctor appeared.

And he was completely clothed, unfortunately, although his tie was unloosened and the top button of his shirt was undone. Even in my dreams, I am a complete prude.

Anyway, he asked me if I had any problems. I told him that I was lonely, and that I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, which scared me. (For the record, the first part is only true some of the time, and the second is not really. Sometimes I have no idea what I want to do, but it doesn't bother me that much.) Then the dream turned into a Doctor-Whoish sort of adventure. The TARDIS must have been involved somewhere, because I ended up, sans Doctor and TARDIS, in a place that I knew somehow was Australia millions of years into the future. The place was called Buka because it was originally Buchan (a town in the country that is not currently near the sea, but was a shallow marine environment in the prehistoric era. Lots of trilobites in Buchan.)

Buchan was on the coast because the sea levels had risen, and from there to the coast of the US there was nothing but a few scattered islands. In the dream, someone said that in a way that was all poetic and beautiful, but I can't remember it. The person who said it was someone Not Good, since I think they'd taken me captive. They were like the Family of Blood, I think. Still no sign of the Doctor, damn him.

Then we went through a jungle, and it turned out that the parts of Australia that weren't underwater were desert, completely dry. There were no cities or people that I could see, but there were plesiosaurs in the water, and damn, some of them had large teeth.

And then it got even stranger, if possible. See, I turned into this creature that had evolved, but it was the weirdest thing ever. Picture the tradition sheet-with-eye-holes ghost costume. It was like that, except it was covered in long fur, and it could fly. I remember in the dream I thought it was quite like the monster in Star Trek that drained a person's salt. (Found a link!) Does anyone else remember that episode? It was the old-school version. Anyway, it was something like that, but it could fly. And I flew.

I have to say that this dream-flying was not terribly interesting. The evil person/alien/thing said that it was like a horse of the sky, except it was also like a cat for some reason, and that they evolved during the reign of the Emperor. WTF? What emperor?

And then I woke up.

So, in conclusion: I'm missing Who like crazy, to the point that I dream up episodes, but I don't know how this one ended. Still, it was the longest dream that I've had for a while, and I'm surprised that I remembered all of it. My mind goes in weird places. 
El: *is being beaten up by fossil project* *is procrastinating by doing the meme she's wanted to do since getting an iPod (and that was at Christmas. See issue with procrastination)*


Right... and it's back to the fossils. I do like fossils, and my ones are fairly interesting, but I loathe biology and I'm getting very lost in all the names for classes and species and that. Take my piece of fossilised wood, for example. How the smeg do you classify fossilised wood?

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Treeae
Class: Woodae
Genus: Fossilicidae.


Stupid biology.



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