Who forgot that there were only thirty days in November? *raises hand sheepishly* So this is my last NaBloPoMo post.

Part the first: I got my exam results! And they are much more promising than last time.

Archaeology: 72 = Distinction
Geoscience: 75 = Distinction
Classical Studies: 84 = HIGH DISTINCTION! :D :D :D
Stats: 70 = Distinction! And more importantly, = pass! I'll have to make up the missing credit points from last semester somewhere, I guess.

Next year I'm essentially going on with the same subjects, although at this rate I may drop Archaeology and do more Classics. I'm doing Latin for that next year. It's worrying when I get 68/100 for an archaeology essay that I spent a weekend doing, and 78/100 for a classics essay that I threw together at the last minute.

Part the second: [community profile] metaquotesintroduced me to the movie of Sweeney Todd. I know essentially nothing about the movie, but Johnny Depp + Alan Rickman + Anthony Steward Head in the same movie = WANT. Such a movie cannot fail to be awesome.

Then again, I thought a movie with Jeremy Irons, Robert Carlysle and John Malkovich could not fail either. Damn Eragon.

Part the third: Lookit! Clothes made of chocolate! *dribbles*

And with that, I will go back to writing Beruthiel fic. I've made my Fic 5000 word count, but the damn thing isn't half finished. Gah, verbose muses.


EL: Hey, classes are over! Huzzah!

MUSES: Hurrah, writing time!

EL: Um, guys, I kinda hafta study for exams.

MUSES: *puppy eyes*

EL: Oh, all right. But only a couple of fics.


I'm going to go with the 'wait and see' option in all this, and avoiding the fandom like crazy.
Gah, I can't find a prompt at the lyrics table to put this on, so it'll have to be a stand-alone. At this rate, I could have claimed Morwen/Hurin almost as easily.

Familiar )


Zokutou is acting strangely, so my Fic 5000 word count has no pretty pictures or anything: 4224/5000 = 84%
I've had a rather boring day and not much is going on right now, life-wise or fic-wise, but I was amused by this news article: chartered cruise to Antarctica runs into an iceberg. Nobody was hurt, but the ship sank. I can't help thinking that this is the planet's revenge for global warming.

EARTH: Increase my CO2 levels, will you? ICEBERGS! ATTACK!

NINJA TRAINED ATTACK ICEBERGS: ph33r our l33tness! *float into major shipping routes*

SHIPS: Argh! Nooooooooooo!

EARTH: All shall love me and despair.


It was awesome and wonderful and hilarious and... and... and... *gibbers*. Best. Musical. EVER. More coherence later.


Here's a Howard, there's a Howard,
And another little Howard
Fuzzy Howard, funny Howard,
Howard, Howard, Rudd!


And here's a little snippet of fic I'm working on, which features Beruthiel of all people. My muses are so unfocused, they sprawl everywhere.

Osgiliath under a bright summer sun was quite an agreeable place, BerĂșthiel concluded. It was not as warm as Umbar, but like the city of her birth it was a trade centre, and while the wares were not as exotic the marketplaces helped to curb her homesickness. It was, in any case, preferable to Pelargir, which stank of fish, salt and fresh-cut wood, and seemed to her to be permanently grey and foggy whatever the weather elsewhere. As an added bonus, Osgiliath did not, at the present time, contain her husband.

A romantic tradition in Umbar said that the men and women of that city had fire in their veins. If that were true, BerĂșthiel thought scornfully, Gondorian blood would be muddy salt water. These people had little wit and no sense of adventure.
I exercised my democratic right to vote, and ran the gamut of supporters without picking up a single pamphlet. Ah, pockets, how I love thee.

I am of course interested in the outcome of the election. If the Liberals don't get booted out (and how I hope! But not too much, otherwise I get insanely disappointed and depressed), they might at least lose their majority in either the Senate or the House of Representatives, which would be great. Right now they have the majority in both of them, which is bad because they can pass laws much more easily.

However, this rather pales in comparison to the fact that...

Guys, if I ever make an archaeology/classics playlist (and I totally will one day), this will definitely be on it. Along with Walk Like An Egyptian.
There was no repeat of yesterday morning, which was somewhat of a relief. I haven't seen our hairy friend since yesterday morning, but someone who bears a striking resemblance to him decided to visit the toilet. Bro bravely took on the mantle of Man Of The House and escorted him outside. I went to investigate my room yesterday, and found it completely spiderless. I was armed with a broom, and damn. You have no idea how much more empowered you feel until you have a way of dealing with spiders while being five feet away from them. I'm much more confident about them in general now, but I'm still opening drawers and doors and boxes and cupboards warily, because I'm sure there is a Spring Coiled Ninja Attack Spider behind one of them. It's just one of those things.

The only other thing I did today was go over to see the cats, who almost chewed my legs off. I forgot to feed them yesterday. *is ashamed* (But in my defence, I had to wait at home most of the day for the bed and the oven man to come. Both are fixed now, btw. And I spoil the fuzzbuckets more than I should, and they are not going to die of starvation any time soon.) I walked home instead of catching the train, and it was nice. Along one stretch of street, it was almost silent apart from the wind in the trees and half a cicada buzzing mournfully in the gutter.

Yes, half a cicada. As in 'has no lower body but is still alive' cicada. I was going to put it out of its misery, but the buzzing must have been the poor thing's death throes, because it went quiet. Damn birds.

And I've just been reorganised my lj memories. Now I have a chance to actually find something! Huzzah!

*goes back to reading [community profile] metaquotes*

Ooh! And Happy Turkey Day to the people who are celebrating it! If like me you are not, Happy Day! We need an annual Happy Day...
EL: *wakes up to sound of rain on the roof* Ah, thank you, weathergods.

RADIO: *plays soothing music*

EL: *gets up* Waitaminute... something is different here.


EL: *blinkblink*

SPIDER: So yeah, it's really wet out there and can I crash at your place?

EL: You are very lucky that I'm not awake enough to freak out about this. Not on the bed. Wall, and stay where I can see you.

SPIDER: waaaaaaaah why do I get no love?


SPIDER: IT'S NOT MY FAULT I WAS BORN LIKE THIS! Or hatched. Whatever. El's the scribe, and she doesn't know biology.

EL: I am not awake enough for this. *goes off to get coffee*

What is probably happening right now:

SPIDER: Hey guys, she said it was cool if we crashed here! Party at El's place!
*blinks* Wow, you guys really liked Things I Am Not Allowed To Do In The Silmarillion, didn't you? If only all my posts could be so entertaining...

Anyway, quick post to fulfill NaBloPoMo requirements, although I went and missed posting yesterday, oops. I woke up at midday and went to bed at four-ish in the afternoon, after venturing out in 37-degree weather to feed the cats. Woo, heatstroke! Sometimes I'm stupid that way.

I am all better now, but I have to be awake or at least upright for the people who deliver beds and fix ovens tomorrow, and they claim that the bed at least will be delivered between 9 and 10. Adios, until tomorrow.
There are Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts and at the PPC, so I thought Tolkien needed some too. Suggest more things in the comments!

As you all know, I am owned by Silmarillion muses, LOTR muses, and increasingly, Firefly muses. I'm not really one for OTPs or anything - well, I ship things, but there isn't any one that jumps out at me. But I love Simon and Kaylee, and they are just adorable together. Here are several drabbles about them. 


And now the entire crew is ganging up on me to write a multi-chapter fic. *hides*

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,860 / 5,000

 This is what happens when you have a spare friday night (well, it happened two fridays ago, but let's not split hairs), a love of Doctor Who, and ready access to your brother's old Lego collection. And you also have an innate need to document this by pictures.

Presenting... Lego Who!

From left to right: Lego!Jack, Lego!Doctor and Lego!Martha, ready to save the world - at least the bits of it that are Lego.

I am feeling much better after last night's post, thanks to the people who made sympathising comments. Luckily, I managed to stop the emoness before I could write any horrific poetry. :P

Everybody knows that you should start your day with a big, hot, steaming bowl of fresh weirdness, but honestly, Matt Damon is voted the sexiest man alive? What sort of strange parallel universe was I transported to in my sleep? I can only conclude that they asked only people who had seen the Bourne movies, and only the bits with him in it at that, which is POPULATION BIAS and means they have EXTENDED THE RESULTS INAPPROPRIATELY which is BAD STATISTICS and because the SAMPLE IS NOT CONSIDERED TO BE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE POPULATION THEY CANNOT APPLY THE FINDINGS OF THE SAMPLE TO THE LARGER GROUP. < / statistics rant >

DON'T look at me like that. I have done statistics for six months more than I should and I know my stuff. :P

I have clearly fallen into Matt Damon world, where everyone is Matt Damon and thinks they are sexy and therefore voted for him because of it. I will be attempting to make a rip in space-time to get back to the normal, sane world if anyone wants me. :)

Fer Chrissake, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt were options! One of them should have won by default! (Should have been Johnny. Right, leaving now.) :D
I am hungry and there is nothing in the house that I want to eat or can be bothered to make, I have read all my books and have no others, I am sunburnt for the second time in as many days and hate the weather for being cool and overcast and tricking me into thinking that summer is not almost here, and as usual the muses have buggered off as soon as I have time for them.

Is it really procrastination when there's nothing left to do?


William Shakespeare

There are more things in heaven and El, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

Hee! It's punnish and deep and everything!

I am past the halfway mark for the Fic 5000! Five hundred words from these drabbles brings me up to...

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,960 / 5,000

 Huzzah! *dances*
Thanks for all the well-wishes and reviews from the last post! I had a great day yesterday, but now I'm nervous because I'm using [profile] airofmystery's computer (which he built at school, no less) and he has informed me that he will kill me should I wreck it. If I don't make the NaBloPoMo post tomorrow, assume that I am dead and hidden in the freezer. :D

My grandparents brought a huge box of coins with them, and I've been having fun polishing them all afternoon. Archaeology exam? What archaeology exam? Some of them are really pretty. There's one from Singapore with a seahorse on it, and ones from Ireland with chickens, pigs, bulls and horses. I love a country that puts chickens on its money. There's also some Japanese notes, very delicate but lovely. And there's other stuff, like the Australian florin which I never knew existed. Some of them are now shiny from polish, but there are lots to go. And my hands smell like metal. :D

One more exam to go! Total freedom tomorrow at 11.30! Making Money awaits me!

And on a completely unrelated note, you know you have been pwned by cats when you let one sleep on your bed, get up to let it out, falls asleep again, and wake up to find one on your bed and one on your pillow. Luckily, it was not the pillow I was sleeping on.

Then again, just about anyone would be pwned by a face like this.
Yes, yours truly is nineteen today. I can still legally drink, and still cannot drive a car, but I got hugs and a mango for breakfast and money and Making Money, so everything's shiny. And a cake made with chocolate and coffee that will eventually be filled with cream and icing and strawberries. My family has left me alone in the house with, which is A Bad Thing. Good thing it's too hot to eat. :D

And I've been getting hit with Firefly/Serenity muses, and I wrote a little fic in the early hours of the morning. Technically, it's not my first venture into a new fandom, but it's the first I did without prompting. Please to be reviewing, all Jossverse fans?

'Ambrosia', in which Simon gets a taste - literally - of life on board Serenity. )

And this brings my Fic 5000 word count up to 2460.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,460 / 5,000



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