My brother is a most capable and resourceful lad. Being rather miffed at not being able to write an Extended Essay on the mythology of Star Wars, he pitched another idea to the Omniscient Council of Vagueness teachers: pirates. That being approved, he's done some research, and he's focusing on one pirate in particular.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, my brother gets to write a 4000-word essay on the awesomeness of the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Hey guys, you remember that mad Top Gear/Transformers bunny of mine? Trojie's planned it out!


Steven Moffat will be head writer and producer of Doctor Who season five.

Pros: Do I even need to say them?

Cons: I may never emerge from behind the sofa after that season ever again.

Thoughts, everyone?

PS.  Moffat said: "I applied before but I got knocked back 'cos the BBC wanted someone else. Also I was seven." :D
And do you know why they will call it the Glorious Fifth of May? Because on that day, I...


*squee* *squee* *fangirl* *squee*

That is all.
Today I went to the dentist and had quite possibly the shortest exam in recorded history. Seriously: thirty seconds, max. The radio was playing 'Jesse's Girl' when I came in, and it was still going when I left. Eh. Weird.

In any case, it is wednesday and to distract you all from the woes of Hump Day, I present Shakespeare's Who's On First. These two guys are utter geniuses.

The Firebenders would love this... pity it's in the Northern Water Tribe's hands Iceland.


It was awesome and wonderful and hilarious and... and... and... *gibbers*. Best. Musical. EVER. More coherence later.


Here's a Howard, there's a Howard,
And another little Howard
Fuzzy Howard, funny Howard,
Howard, Howard, Rudd!


And here's a little snippet of fic I'm working on, which features Beruthiel of all people. My muses are so unfocused, they sprawl everywhere.

Osgiliath under a bright summer sun was quite an agreeable place, BerĂșthiel concluded. It was not as warm as Umbar, but like the city of her birth it was a trade centre, and while the wares were not as exotic the marketplaces helped to curb her homesickness. It was, in any case, preferable to Pelargir, which stank of fish, salt and fresh-cut wood, and seemed to her to be permanently grey and foggy whatever the weather elsewhere. As an added bonus, Osgiliath did not, at the present time, contain her husband.

A romantic tradition in Umbar said that the men and women of that city had fire in their veins. If that were true, BerĂșthiel thought scornfully, Gondorian blood would be muddy salt water. These people had little wit and no sense of adventure.
Guys, if I ever make an archaeology/classics playlist (and I totally will one day), this will definitely be on it. Along with Walk Like An Egyptian.
I watched Aladdin for the first time last night. Strangely, I've read the book and seen Aladdin and the Prince of Thieves, but I've never seen the original film. I didn't intend to watch it the whole way through, but it grew on me.

For a start, the story about the Disney people doing the Hammertime dance during production was amusing. I'm not so sure about Jafar as the villain. He looks stylish, sure, but I think Iago's the brains of the outfit. Speaking of which: Shakespeare refs ftw! Bro was watching it with me, and we agreed that Abu was acting like a jealous girlfriend most of the time. We thought his voice sounded familiar, and a quick trip to proved it - he's voiced by the same guy who does Nibbler on Futurama. The carpet is my favourite character, because hey, he's a magic sentient carpet, and he can travel at Mach 2.5.

Here is my reasoning:

Distance from Agrabah (which, for this situation, I have assumed to be Baghdad) and the random Chinese temple they visit (Beijing, for the same reasons) = 6300 km

Time taken to travel there = we'll say 2 hours

And as we all know, speed = distance/time = 6300/2 = 3150km/h

Divide by speed of sound (1238km/h) and you get 2.5.

Therefore, Carpet can travel at speeds of up to Mach 2.5. That's awesome.

We are also convinced that Rajah is Shere Khan doing community service.

Thankyou, that is all.
 FreeRice is lots of fun, if you're looking for something to do. Learning new vocab and lessening starvation gives me twice the warm happy feeling inside.
Dear self,

As amusing as much of the stuff on the internet is, our current sleeping patterns of 2am-midday are not going to hold up once uni takes off again. Tonight we are definitely going to be at a reasonable hour. By which I mean midnight.




In other news:

GO GEELONG!!!!!!!!! GO THE CATS!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
My lil' nerdy heart is singing with joy today, and do you know why? My answers got quoted at [community profile] ljdq! Twice! Go see for yourselves! Now I need to be metaquoted and to make a video that becomes a hit on Youtube, and my Internet Geek Trinity will be complete.

Go play the quiz yourself! No actual knowledge necessary! New quiz every tuesday!

(Go, srsly. Reading past quiz answers is half the fun.)

< / pimping >
*sigh* Bodies can be so overdramatic sometimes.

EL: *picks up a stack of plates that have just come out of the dishwasher* Hmm, that's quite warm.


EL'S FINGERS: We agree.

EL: No, I really think that-

BRAIN and FINGERS: MAJORITY VOTE! You are putting the plates down! Right now!

EL: Bloody majority-ruled democracy. I hate the Athenians. *stomps off*

[End scene.]


Thoughts on Deathly Hallows come later, when I can say something more coherent that 'ZOMG', 'SQUEE' and 'Oh man, fandom's really going to go batshit over that...'

In the meantime, I offer related humour:

The Top Ten Words That Should End Harry Potter 7

Top Ten Least Likely Endings to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

A parody of the movie Order of the Phoenix - I laughed so hard that I scared the cats. Maybe I was high from finishing DH, but still.
ZOMG, how do I love [community profile] metaquotes? Let me count the ways... I have been screaming with laughter for almost every post, and have been reduced to tears at least twice.

I've found a new way to get crack. :D

*goes off to read more*
This was going to be a gratuitous icon-showing-off post (made by the wonderfully talented [profile] boz4pm, who also happens to love Wallace and Gromit) except that it isn't. Well, not quite.

Look! It's Yu-Gi-Oh episodes compressed into ten minutes!

The last anime I saw was Ghost in the Shell, and that was at least two years ago, but I still love them. I've never seen Yu-Gi-Oh, and I still love 'em. They're kinda like the Movies in Fifteen Minutes of anime - you don't need to know anything about the original show to find the stuff funny.

< / end gratuitous icon post >

"I'm waiting for you, Kaiba-boy... and when you get here, I'm going to spice up your life!"


May. 11th, 2006 10:21 pm

Who knew that particle physics could be this cute???
...especially when I've got an english commentary to write. Feh, says inner self. Everything comes from Shiver My Timber or St. Dymphna's Academy of Magick, so you can go and join the madness yourself.

Visit-The-Infidels-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets wants to shag Donatello

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

TheGiantSquid is Secret Keeper for GilderoyLockhart

What's Your Harry Potter OTP?
St. Dymphna's - A Harry Potter RPG

SusanStoHelit is in love with ShirleyTemple

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

Grawp has an eye on NearlyHeadlessNick

What's Your Harry Potter OTP?
St. Dymphna's - A Harry Potter RPG

JohnEdwards wants to take it out back with Detritus

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

GrahamPritchard is Secret Keeper for TheGoldenSnitch

What's Your Harry Potter OTP?
St. Dymphna's - A Harry Potter RPG

SirBedevere quacks at TheWickedWitch

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

LudoBagman is 'Really Just Friends' With TheGiantSquid

What's Your Harry Potter OTP?
St. Dymphna's - A Harry Potter RPG

DarthVader is turning cartwheels for RobinHood

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

English exam = evil and completely fudged, in retrospect

Art "exam" = pointless evil

Maths exam paper one = evil

Maths exam paper two = slightly less evil

Geography exams 1 and 2 = meh evil

French exam one = ergh. evil

French exam two = evil in a fun way as I got to write about a green alien with four legs whose ship runs on carrots. And I pulled it off. In French. *dances* (Yes, I had way too much fun with that exam. Not sure what Madame H will think of it.)

Physics exam (tomorrow) = utter end of the universe as we know it evil

Cedric Diggory is Very, Very Gay = much love and snerkage

ALL of [ profile] misscam's Doctor Who fics = love love lovity lovity LOVE. MORE!



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