It's cold, the train was late, the bus was crowded, I had a geography essay due today and it's not in (and yes I've known the due date since the semester started and yes I left it until last night shutupshutupshutup), I panicked for an hour during Latin when I thought I'd left my USB containing said essay at home, I had it all along but I still didn't finish the essay on time, it's cold, I missed my Latin tute because I thought I had a test in atmospheric science and I didn't, one of the buttons on my jacket came off, it's really bloody cold, I'm tired, and I have 'Beyond the Sea' stuck in my head.

I never knew mondays could be such... mondays.





That's it, I'm leaving. And I'm taking the children.

No love at all,


In other news, it's back to Middle-earth month, ABC2 is showing the Ninth Doctor Who series again, and the FOME barbeque brought me to unheard-of levels of geekery yesterday, but they like Yugioh: TAB and xkcd so it's all good. And we're going to the guide dog open day to see puppies!

The next post will come to you from the futuuuuuuure! until then, farewell.


Feb. 19th, 2008 01:10 pm
Dear university timetable adjuster,

No, I don't care what you say, a tute and a lecture isn't a clash. I obviously go to the tute. Lectures do not matter on the grand scale, they can be read online. A tute and a tute is a clash, and I've got one already. This would not be happening if you'd accept that a tute and a lecture clash do not matter because the tute takes precedence.


Dear Melbourne Weather,

Get your act together soon or, so help me, I will move to Brisbane. I know you're naturally schizophrenic, but that excuse only goes so far. I should not have to wear a beanie in FEBRUARY.

No love,


Your Pirate Name be ...
Mary Read
You are the most powerful of all pirates. Your social knowledge raises you above all the others, and you have no problem keeping your crew happy. You are a master planner, and will have no problems ruling the world in a few years.

'What is your Pirate Name?' at
 You know, I want to write stuff now. I'd love to write stuff now. But I can't.

Because of these





That is all.

Edit: They're gooooooooooooooone! Thanks, [profile] pankaks, it might have worked after all. :D
I am hungry and there is nothing in the house that I want to eat or can be bothered to make, I have read all my books and have no others, I am sunburnt for the second time in as many days and hate the weather for being cool and overcast and tricking me into thinking that summer is not almost here, and as usual the muses have buggered off as soon as I have time for them.



Nov. 5th, 2007 11:46 am
Hotmail is being all wibbly and not posting replies, so I'm sorry if I unintentionally ignored anyone.

Stupid hotmail. One last chance, and then I'm using gmail for everything.
 Note to self: do not try to swirl your coffee around the cup with your left hand. You'll only end up with coffee in your eye.

And that hurts.

Ech, I have never been more grateful for the mid-semester break than about... now. (Although as my geoscience classmates pointed out, it's not mid-semester, more like let's-see-how-long-we-can-go-before-no-one-turns-up-to-classes week.) I had four major assignments due in this week, and I did them all, but it was a close call.

The downside is that it's turned my brain into cheese. I left my jacket at the bookshop for two hours today. I hope it enjoyed the break.

And I lost my scarf.

My beautiful Geelong scarf.

And I lost it on the day my team plays another team in the semi-finals.

As the topic says: this had better not be an omen.

But I really, really miss that scarf. I've had it since I was about ten. Granted, I didn't think about it for about five years (we did move to Brisbane for a while, not much call for it) but it's been there for me. I loved it when wool scarves made me itch. One of the tassles still has a plait in it when I got bored during a game. Mischief used to love the tassles. I wore it for most of winter in year 11 and 12, and fondly remember how the (new) principal told me off for wearing it. Pah. It was two thirds school colours.

And now it's gone.

I have a fairly good idea of where it is, and I'll try looking for it after the break, but I'm not optimistic. I hope it ends up being useful to someone, and possibly getting the Cats some more converts. At least it's getting into summer, so I wouldn't have needed it for much longer anyway.

But still.

Goodnight, sweet scarf. Mischief and I will remember you fondly.

EDIT: Apparently Geelong is winning! This makes the loss somewhat easier to bear.

This post was brought to you by the committee for doing random stuff on friday nights, El division.


Aug. 14th, 2007 06:04 pm

However, it is amusing when they sound somewhat like techno tracks. All they need is some drum beats, soft synthesisers and a woman going 'oooh... aaah... chickens... oooh... aaah...' and people would dance to it.


I've remembered why I avoid clubs like SARS*.

*What is this thing you call 'the plague'? It doesn't sound sexy at all! And that's what this century needs, sexy-sounding diseases! SARS = Sexy-Ass Respitory Syndrome, doesn't everyone know that?

Plague sounds like something on your teeth. I bet peasants used to die from it, because there were no toothbrushes. Stupid plague.


And people wonder why I'm not allowed to have coffee this early in the day.
There are many times when I write lj entries and wish that I'd written about something in an earlier entry, because it's been going on for a while. And what's been going on for a while is that my jaw has been aching. For about three weeks straight. It's only on the left side, and it's a sort of bone/ligament ache, and it hurts when I eat large bits of food. Hence my not eating apples for at least a month.

So I finally went to the doctor today, and it's most likely that I've slightly dislocated it while eating. I have exercises to do, but the actual ligament will take a lot longer to heal, so I'm stuck with an achey-breaky jaw. Woe.

And the worst thing is that I shouldn't eat soft foods, which I can understand, but she said I also shouldn't laugh too much. *sniffle* I am very sad, especially since I've been reading [community profile] metaquotes all week. I guess I can't do anything except just live with it.

[I'll do a happy post this weekend, really, I promise.]


Jun. 22nd, 2007 07:34 pm
Another WTF post, but nothing like the one yesterday, and certainly not as horrifying, but still depressing. For me, anyway.

Thus, my complaint - ABC, why do you promise me Doctor Who this saturday, then without any warning move the first episode to next thursday? I wouldn't have picked it up if I hadn't read the Green Guide. I appreciate that something needs to be done about the lack of anything watchable on thursdays, but can't you do reruns of Spicks and Specks? And I know many people who will be very displeased if The Sideshow was postponed for nothing.

I'm sorry, but I need Doctor Who. One episode of Torchwood is not enough to supply my crack needs for the week, and there' s only so much [community profile] metaquotes can do. [Heh, rhyme.] And if you do not go back in time and buy Torchwood before Channel Ten RIGHT NOW, I will cut you. Srsly.

Yours in aaaaaaaaaaaargh the world hates me this week EMO EMO EMO resignedness, El.
Why? Why the hell does the rest of Australia have a public holiday today, but not Monash?

(Oh, I'm whinging, I know. I only have Wholefoods work to go to anyway, but it's the principle of the thing.)
When I meet Maths in whatever afterlife I end up in, I will kill it with blunt knives.

I also claim torture rights on the following:


Especially if they join together to form a hellish hybrid. Algebra, however, will be let off with a warning.

*stomps off in black cloud*



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