IB results!

Jan. 5th, 2007 11:53 am
35! 35! Hooray!

For those who are interested...

EE - A

Tok - B

English - 5

French - 6

Maths - 5

Geog - 5

Physics - 5

Art - 6

Congrats to everyone doing the IB, I'm sure you've all done fantastically! I guess now we have to find something else to fill time with... and I have to find another icon...

No more English, hooray!

I'm sorry to see Streetcar go, but no more Death of a Salesman! Hooray! *happy dance*

Thankyou to everyone who replied to my birthday post. You're all sweet and get virtual cake. :)
It became clear to me today that one of the most depressing things you can do is mark your own practice exams. I did a set of maths exams and thought I'd done better than the last set (considering I would've found it hard to do worse). I did do worse, but it wouldn't have hurt so much if I hadn't marked it myself. I did think that I went better than before, which also sucked. But marking your own exams, having your hope at getting a good mark slowly eroded away as you go through the exam, that's nasty. Je ne l'aime pas.

But I think that I went better in physics, and passed the multiple choice exam, so we'll see how I go with the others.


Meanwhile, the world is wanking over North Korea testing a nuclear weapon. It reminds me of fandom wank, with accusations flying everywhere, anonymice, insults unrelated to the topic, people participating who don't know quite what's going on, others pointing and laughing, and those on the sidelines shaking their heads. It's a pity Godwin's Law doesn't exist for things like this. It would be useful. But like all wank, I think this will die down. Or else the world will find something else to stress about, North Korea will feel left out and will test again. And so the cycle continues.

Huzzah! I'm now a tenth of the way through [livejournal.com profile] 50lyricsfanfic. The latest is here. *beams*

I have also done ALL my english homework for the weekend, all of french except the exam question, a maths exercise, a lot of art work since I came into school for Open Day, and I've thankfully missed nothing in physics. Now all I have to do is fecking geography. Oh, and some more maths.

The only problem with being so productive is that I feel like I've got on top of all my work and therefore don't have to work as hard next week, before realising this is what I should be doing EVERY weekend. *sulk*

Eh. The Tempest tonight, and uni open days tomorrow. Onwards!
I'm so glad the IB oral commentaries are over - over for those who did them today at least, the people on wednesday still have theirs to go. I'm very, very glad that I wasn't on wednesday.

For the non-IBs, Oral commentaries go like thus:

1. Pick three texts (in our case, Macbeth, Jane Eyre and Sylvia Plath poems)

2. Study the three texts over the course of a term.

3. Pick passages/poems from the texts.

4. Students study these passages for main concerns, imagery patterns, how it relates to the text as a whole, etc, etc. We ended up with seven passages, but here's the catch - you don't know which passage you'll actually be talking about until you open the envelope you pick on the day. You then get twenty minutes to annotate/plan/prepare, and then you speak an oral that should go for twelve minutes. And then the teacher asks you questions for a further three minutes.


Anyway, I don't think mine went too badly. I got Tulips by Sylvia Plath, which is hard in that there's so much to analyse. I eventually went for tone and imagery patterns, although I was a bit thrown by the question at the end about rhythm in the poem, seeing as I hadn't looked at that at all... *sheepish*

But it's over now, and in the meantime I've got a lovely shiny Doctor icon. *points* And I hope that a new layout will follow soon.

Onwards to Death of a Salesman, and then to exams!
Strange when you get the sudden urge to update, no?

I've had a weird day, mainly because I kept thinking that it was thursday, when it was in fact wednesday. Hmm.

I'm feeling fairly confident about my oral. I think I could handle it if I got Plath or Macbeth, now I'm worried about Jane Eyre. I'll try to work out how to rig the system, just in case. :P

And for the other subjects... art's looking up, physics is now a blast, english will be easy going after the orals seeing as we only have to study Death of a Salesman after them, TOK will be over next tuesday, french is challenging but not undoable, and I'm going to make myself excell at maths because I'm not going to fail because of that gorram subject. What have I forgotten? Oh, geography. Well, it's coasts (which we did in year ten) and then all revision. And I plan to get the main part of the fieldwork done on the weekend.

So school is hard but not impossible, and the end is in sight. As is the end of this post.

Goodbye, flist. See you on the weekend.


Jul. 21st, 2006 09:04 pm
Yeah... posting... again.

I have so many things to talk about, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to type them all before bro takes the computer back in approximately... fourteen minutes. So this'll be manic. Panicked, even. (Why is panicked spelt with a k? I suppose paniced doesn't look right.)

And on that note... I conclude. I'll see all of you in another five weeks or so. :P

...in note form!

Note 1: Musical rocked like a rocking thing.

Note 1a:  Especially Man's commando role through the curtain, when her character is meant to be all angsty and 'my boyfriend doesn't love me!' and not thinking about commandos. 

Note 1b: Although admittedly commandos would probably help comfort her.

Note 1c: Such is the effect of musical that I still automatically stand like a 'perfect young lady', needing only penguin hands to complete the look, two weeks after the show finished.

Note 1d: Being the comic relief is a wonderful thing. Especially when it involves picking up fake money other characters have dropped and shoving it down your top.

Note 1e: Friday's audience, you win at audiences! Have something you like.

Note 2: EE? What EE? (So read: shit.)

Note 3: My locker smells like tea.

Note 4: MacDEATH! And Macbuff. And Lady Macbuff. Me + Banners passage =  perfect oral commentary. Would probably be a good idea to start praying to deities and/or learn how to rig a draw and/or bribe the teachers. Or all three.

Note 5: "That we should be glad to have the US" (negative side) = best damn secret debate topic evar. Hah.

Note 6: Prediction: school fees will now be focused on giving all member of the music staff breast implants who have not had them yet. Seriously.

Note 7: It's a scary thing to have the same initials as your new school principle.

Note 8: What the hell are we supposed to write in our Val entries? Any hints, guys?

Note 9: Physics taught by a nerd is teh wonderful.

Look! Quarks!




They were meant to go across the page, but lj is being stupid. I bite my thumb at you, lj!

Back now to the maths.

How many minutes between updates? *shrug*

Another IB icon, because the other one was confusing people:

And it applies to everyone, so yay.
Monday: Now we have mentors in art. Yay (I think). Mrs D is mine and she's an IB examinor (not mine, unfortunately) so I hope I'll be okay. But now I have to rethink all my ideas. Woe, woe!

Tuesday: *snerk at debating* 'The no-team is wrong, their speeches are wrong, and stem cell research is just wrong!"

(In case you're wondering, it was a How Not To Debate Debate).

Wednesday: Sylvia Plath play *waves little flag unconvincingly*

Thursday: Penny, you went over to the dark side betrayed me! Now I have to find someone else in Musical who can't dance! *wails*

Friday: Is hot. I die. (Not before being surprisingly productive in art, though.)


Also best quote ever: I wish my lawn was emo, then it would cut itself. *snerk*


And finally, Little Britain is silly, silly love.
Well folks, this is what you get when you combine The Boyfriend and IB English. Let this be a lesson to you.

'The World Lit Essay'
(To the tune of 'The Riviera' from The Boyfriend)

When English eludes you,
The only thing to do
Is write, you simply gotta write

And if you're feeling stress,
The one way to express
Is write, you simply gotta write

Here in the IB course they've got a new fright,
You can be sure that your first draft won't be right, so re-write!

Redo the intro, vary the words,
Easy to tell we're all IB nerds,
Everybody's doing the World Lit Essay!
Re-read your notes on studying prose,
Just why we're so crap nobody knows,
Everybody's doing the World Lit Essay!

Bugs and zeks in Soviet labour camps do it,
Even French wives who like to act like tramps have taken to it

Ain't it terrific? Ain't it the top?
You've gotta write right on 'til you drop
Everybody's doing the World Lit Essay!

All of the IB girls and the IB boys do it
Even blondes obsessed with gossip and ploys have taken to it

Ain't it terrific? Ain't it the top?
You've gotta write right on 'til you drop
Everybody's doing the World Lit Essay!

*cut for dance involving typing, quotes from all three books, long-winded analysis and crying fits*

Hand in your draft and pray all night long,
Vent all your stress by singing this song,
Everybody's doing the World Lit Essay!

The ordeal is over, but we're still blue,
Time to make notes for essay mark two,
Everybody's doing the World Lit Essay!
I is teh almost finished! *bounces* I shall leave it for today and revise it tomorrow. And when it comes back for the last time I shall chop it into tiny bits and jump on the pieces. *grin*

Might be a good idea to actually post something on [livejournal.com profile] 50lyricsfanfic before they think I've died or something, too. :P


Feb. 9th, 2006 07:41 pm
Erk. World Lit Essay kills me dead.

That is all.

(Also congrats to Penny for joining the French Maid Brigade in musical, aka The People Who Can't Dance Club.)


Jan. 18th, 2006 10:09 am
I joined [livejournal.com profile] 50lyricsfanfic yesterday. The challenge: to write fifty fics, each one based on/inspired by a snippet of a song. (NOT a songfic challenge! I swear I won't sink that low, not without the aid of illegal substances, at least.)

I'm very much out of practice with writing, but this should hopefully get me into gear again. I bagsied the general series in Tolkien-verse (ie. LOTR/The Silmarillion/The Hobbit) so I've got a lot of room to manoeuvre. *bounces*


Afterthought I: Oh Eru. Fifty fics in my final year of school AND the IB with a lovely thirteen-week in the middle. I'll just quitely go insane in a corner. *gibbers*

Afterthought II: I needed dictionary.com twice for this post to check 'manoeuvre' and 'exhilarated'. *wails* What's happened to my spelling?
*clutches head* Much head-aching from English. I have any number of quotes by/about Tennessee Williams in preparation for our Streetcar essay on Monday. I've done that for most of the day. After lunch I tried reading through my physics notes. I'm about two thirds through, I think. Motion still makes no sense. The thought of calculus makes my brain want to shut down. *shakes fist at calculus*

A nice, mindless meme to stop my brain throbbing )



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