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I also wrote more Scarlet and Silver drabbles (here are the first, if you missed them), and this was the first of those things. Start your working week with a fresh dose of fic!

13. forest

The woods of Arcady are dead,
And over is their antique joy;
Of old the world on dreaming fed;
Grey Truth is now her painted toy

- Yeats, ‘The Song of the Happy Shepherd’


Lothlórien is dying.

Celeborn tries not to see it, and for him she wills Nenya to ever greater spells, wishing that the golden leaves will never fade. The mellyrn bloom later every year, the white trunks of her trees becoming like bones. The people see nothing wrong; she is torn between wanting them to notice and wanting to shield them from such a sight. It is a terrible thing to watch one you love succumb to the shadow.

Then she realises: Lothlórien is dying.

The forest is not.

The beeches, oaks and elms will continue on without the golden leaves striking highlights in the foliage. The people will go on, even Celeborn, an it grieve him.

But the golden dream, so nearly gone, was for her, and she will follow her dreamflower home.

...By which I mean that I've finished all my work except for one thing, and they swarmed on me again last night. I wrote just over 1100 words, some of it silly and some not. This was the first, call it a dark answer to [profile] swashbucklathon.

Three is the charm

‘Pirates! Pirates, Mama!’ Adin had reached the age where voices cracked and broke, but he reverted to a child’s high pitch in his fright.

‘Where? How many?’ But she already knew it didn’t matter what answer he gave. There were always too many, and they always came here.

‘Two ships in the bay, and they’re on the beach now.’

Always the same place.

‘Do they know where we are? Will they find us?’

‘Hush, child, or they will find us with your yapping. Have you told the reeve?’


‘Then take the children up the mountain path, and pray to the forest god that they don’t follow.’


‘Now, Adin!’ Her voice cracked like a whip and he left, scowling. She could hear the reeve calling men from the houses. Pirates. West-men. Scum.

Three times was the charm.

The first when she had barely begun to walk, a sword slicing across her calf to leave a wound that healed slow and awry.

The second when she’d been married not a year, running from a man who caught her because of her cursed lame leg and pushed her into the mud while she clawed at his face and screamed herself hoarse. Her husband died with half his guts hanging out and she was left with Adin, whom she wanted to believe was a trueborn village son but who had eyes like grey clouds and was, at twelve, taller than half the village men.

And now the third.

She put out the fire – what a laugh that would be, to have the house burn down and it be her fault and not the pirates’ – and limped outside. Her father’s old axe leant against the wall, and her fingers curled around the wood, solid and heavy.

Three times was the charm.

This time, when the pirates came, she would be ready for them.


And they sailed now with power and armoury to Middle-earth, and they came no longer as bringers of gifts, not even as rulers, but as fierce men of war…
- Akallabêth
These prompts of ours must have flicked a switch in my brain, because I wrote five drabbles for them in the space of about two hours. For some reason I got a very strong Galadriel vibe off them, so mine are going to be about her. Warning: the following drabbles contain Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales references, but they worm their way into just about all of my LOTR fics.

Title: Dunedenith: The Third Age
Summary: Drabbles about women of the Third Age of Middle-earth.
Characters: Béruthiel, Fíriel, Morwen Steelsheen, Gilraen, Finduilas, Ioreth.
AN: None of the characters are mine, everything belongs to Tolkien. For more information about these women, most of whom are mentioned in Appendix A, I recommend Thain's Book.


Gah, I can't find a prompt at the lyrics table to put this on, so it'll have to be a stand-alone. At this rate, I could have claimed Morwen/Hurin almost as easily.

Familiar )


Zokutou is acting strangely, so my Fic 5000 word count has no pretty pictures or anything: 4224/5000 = 84%
As you all know, I am owned by Silmarillion muses, LOTR muses, and increasingly, Firefly muses. I'm not really one for OTPs or anything - well, I ship things, but there isn't any one that jumps out at me. But I love Simon and Kaylee, and they are just adorable together. Here are several drabbles about them. 


And now the entire crew is ganging up on me to write a multi-chapter fic. *hides*

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,860 / 5,000

Yes, yours truly is nineteen today. I can still legally drink, and still cannot drive a car, but I got hugs and a mango for breakfast and money and Making Money, so everything's shiny. And a cake made with chocolate and coffee that will eventually be filled with cream and icing and strawberries. My family has left me alone in the house with, which is A Bad Thing. Good thing it's too hot to eat. :D

And I've been getting hit with Firefly/Serenity muses, and I wrote a little fic in the early hours of the morning. Technically, it's not my first venture into a new fandom, but it's the first I did without prompting. Please to be reviewing, all Jossverse fans?

'Ambrosia', in which Simon gets a taste - literally - of life on board Serenity. )

And this brings my Fic 5000 word count up to 2460.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,460 / 5,000
Drabble post: take 2. Drabbles as requested at this post (quite a while ago...) but better late than never, yes?

Shall I do it again? I think I'll wait until the holidays roll around, but yes.
Title: It’s A Kind Of Magic
Summary: ‘They followed my song…’ Maglor reflects on his part in the rebellion of the Noldor. (Slight AU.)
Rating: PG-13, for some angst and references to the Kinslayings.
Word count: 499
AN: ‘One dream, one soul. One prize, one goal. One golden glance of what should be – it’s a kind of magic.’ Yes, I was inspired by Queen, so sue me, but it fits the idea of music as magic, doesn’t it? Because Eru and the Ainur created (a vision of) the world through song, magic and music are very closely intertwined in Middle-earth. Melian would have used song, Finrod disguised his soldiers by magic and later fought with Sauron through song, and Galadriel (who learned a few things from Melian) would probably have used it with her Ring of Power.

All this got me wondering – if magic is performed by singing, then couldn’t Maglor, whose musical skill is bested only by Daeron, be a magician as well? And knowing the Fëanorian tendency for dark secrets, this was the result...


...they're only small, but there are lots of them, and they soon become addictive. Cross-posted to [community profile] silwritersguild

Title: Dunedenith - The First Age
Author: Me!
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some mentions of violence.
Word Count: Each drabble is exactly 100 words long (thank you, Windows word counter).
Summary: A set of drabbles about mortal women of the First Age.
AN: All the characters belong to Tolkien. All feedback is appreciated. The title is Sindarin and means ‘women of the west’.

I'm a firm believer in the 'reincarnated Glorfindel' theory, and after reading Unfinished Tales a fic like this was only a matter of time. I really should make a list of the rampant plotbunnies that are spawning in my head, so I can gain satisfaction by crossing them off one by one, but I'd never finish.

Singing Gold
Author: Me!
Rating: General. Just a bit of angst.
Warnings: Nothing you can't read to children, if they're Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales nerds.
Summary: Glorfindel comes across a poignant reminded of the past while in Lothlorien.

A drabble

Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:58 am
WTF? A drabble that's not for 50lyrics? How odd.


Title: Starlight

Characters: Elrond, Thingol, mentions of Arwen and Lúthien

Rating: PG

Word count: 208


Starlight )
Lyric Table

Blood and Snow
Fandom: The Silmarillion – Of Túrin Turambar
Characters: Beleg, Túrin
Prompt: 016. welcome to the jungle, we take it day by day; if you want it you’re gonna bleed, but it’s the price you pay
Word Count: 365
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While tending a wound, Beleg gives Túrin some advice about tactics.
Author's Notes: Tolkien owns everything, and no, it’s not a hurt/comfort fic. Not ostensibly so, anyway.

Thus while yet scarcely out of his boyhood his strength and courage were proved; and remembering the wrongs of his kin her was ever forward in deeds of daring, and he received many wounds by spear or arrow or the crooked blades of the Orcs…

Only one was mightier in arms among the march-wardens of Thingol at that time than Túrin, and that was Beleg Cúthalion; and Beleg and Túrin were companions in every peril, and walked far and wide in the wild woods together.

– Unfinished Tales

The Lyrics Table

Title: Conflagration
Fandom: Tolkien-verse
Characters: Nienor, Glaurung
Prompt: 018. you took me in and you drove me out, yeah, you had me hypnotised; lost and found and turned around, by the fire in your eyes
Word Count: 135
Rating: PG
Summary: She had thought the void empty, but the darkness is alight.
Author's Notes: My first try at this sort of thing. Dedicated to [ profile] b2wm, who has been feeling a little lonely in the fandom up until now.

Conflagration )



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