'When's your birthday?'

'Eleventh of november?'

'What year?'

'Every year.'

In which I am a Horrible Person, and there are cupcakes.
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Darwin Day

Feb. 12th, 2009 09:28 pm
Happy Darwin's Birthday! The Melbourne Museum is having a party to celebrate and this is the menu:

Course 1
The Precambrian Earth - No Life
Crusty arancini (representing the earth's hot, rocky surface 4.5 billion years ago) with a mushroom and goat's cheese centre and a green herb aioli.
Mini corn fritters (mimicing the coarse structural texture seen of the oldest rocks) with avocado and coriander salsa.

Course 2
Early Oceans
Shots of seafood bisque with a drizzle of spinach oil echoing the earth's early oceans 3.6 billion years ago.

Course 3
Origins Of Early Life In The Seas
Grilled scallops in the shell topped with dill sauce, peeled prawns in urns of ice with citrus wedges, oysters on seaweed salad topped with a tomato and dashi jelly represent the diverse invertebrate life in the seas 540 million years ago.

Course 4
The First Fishes
A mild blini topped with pearls of caviar and crispy white bait, shoe string fries and tartare sauce served in a paper cone pay tribute to the evolution of fish about 480 million years ago.

Course 5
Life Invades Land
Crocodile skewers served with a native finger lime and sweet chilli glaze mark the transition of life from sea to land 360 million years ago.

Course 6
Mini 'dinosaur drummettes' (barbequed chicken drummettes with a Cajun seasoning) represent the arrival of the largest life forms to evolve on land.

Course 7
First Mammals
Herb and parmesan crusted lamb cutlets with a tomato and olive tapenade, assorted barbecu skewers (satay beef, Teriyaki chicken, Middle Eastern lamb skewers) and lamb korma with basmati rice and a drizzle of yoghurt raita accompanied by grilled naan bread mark the arrival of mammals some 220 million years ago.

Course 8
The Rise Of Plants And Greens
Jungle curry - Malaysian vegetable curry and mint icecream in mini cones with mint represent the plant kingdom which evolved much the same time as animals some 2 billion years ago.

Course 9
The Killer Asteroid
Chocolate fountain with bowls of bits to dip (strawberries, dinosaur shaped meringue, Turkish delight, star fruit, melon, bananas, marshmallows), meteorites with churros with a lava centre and chocolate truffles with coco dust are the killer asteroid which wiped out animal and plant life some 65 million years ago.


Mmm, the taste of geekiness... Happy 200th Birthday, Darwin, even if you did call my country 'very dull and uninteresting'. XD

My year had its ups and its downs, but it was, at the end of it, an okay year. And okay is, well, okay, but I'd like to make 2009 an awesome year. Regardless of how this year treated you, my flist, I hope that the next year is filled with awesomeness for you too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend what remains of 2008 writing more of my Silmarillion Zombie AU.

It is 9.06 in the morning, and I am the first to be awake and showered.

Truly, a Christmas miracle. XD Have a wonderful day, everybody!
We're halfway through the year! Six months, 182 days and however many hours have passed since 2008 officially began, but it's at this time of year that I find myself lagging. Australia is currently in the depths of winter, which is a normal part of every year and I do enjoy the season, but the Winter Solstice was at least a week ago and it's still cold and dark in the mornings*.

*Not that I'd know myself, arising as I do at around 9.30. But I have reliable witnesses.

So! In any case, I present the holiday of New Half Year - an excuse to have a drink or partake of your favourite food, and congratulate yourself on surviving half of 2008 without being killed/kicked out of school or uni/fired/attacked by sentient alien mushrooms with death rays. And there are New Half Year Resolutions if you so desire - the ones I've drawn up are more like resolutionettes, but I intend to stick by them.

Resolutionettes - life

1. Eat at least one piece of fresh fruit every day.
2. Go for a walk every day.
3. Obtain paid employment.
4. Practice driving once a week.
5. Pass all of my subjects this semester.
6. Be more adventurous.
7. Find a good tree to climb, and climb it.
8. Complete my [profile] 50bookchallenge list.

Resolutionettes - fandom

1. Finish [profile] 50lyricsfanfic already.
2. Do not join any more fanfic challenge communities until the ones I currently have are finished.
3. Review everything I read.
4. Write more PPC missions.
5. Write down plotbunnies instead of trying to keep them all organised in my head.
6. Practice the 'write first, edit later' method of ficcing because that seems to be faster.
7. Find an icon-making program, because Paint is inadequate.

These are my resolutionettes, and I resolve to stick by them until the year ends/all of them are completed, whatever happens first. If I fail in my quest, I will go and revise Latin noun declensions in penance.

Happy New Half Year!
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This is one of those hello-I'm-not-dead-yet posts, but I have the excuse that it's my brother's birthday for another seven minutes.

Happy birthday, brother-of-mine!

That said, I've been reading [profile] get_medieval last night and tonight. I'm fangirling Sir Gerard, and he and Eleanor are utterly adorable together. Also: SIEGE BEES!

Elb's birthday drabble: not written down yet, but coming along nicely.

Reading list: I just finished Wolves of the Calla, and um. Jeez. Pop-culture refs much? Still enjoyable, even if the plot isn't exactly new. And I have the rhyme from that book - Oh Susannah-Mio, divided girl of mine, lost her rig on the Dixie pig in nineteen-ninety-nine - going through my head to the tune of Single Female Lawyer. It almost scans.

I went to see a games exhibit on the weekend, and they had a text-only Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game. Best thing ever, I tell you, even if I died approximately 0.057 minutes after beginning it.

Exam-wise: I rediscovered the joys of last-minute revision. (Do we go through this every year? Yes, we do. And we never learn.) Hastily-scribbled drawings work surprisingly well as revision, although I realised after the exam had finished that I completely got the wrong idea on metamorphic core complexes. Ah well, I'll learn it for next term. Atmospheric Science exam, however, is going to be a bitch and then some.

Don't want to end the post on that note, though, so look! Bees communicate through interpretive dance!
(Not that I'm angry about anything, but this is the only appropriate icon I have.)

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! Comment with your favourite quote! Me, I have half a dozen of them, but the one I use most is 'I have a very bad feeling about this.' :D
Here's a tiny little post informing you that I am still alive and safe from rabid Geography teachers, although today was exhausting as well. Thank god for chai, is all I can say.

That, and it was Terry Pratchett's birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DISCWORLD MAN! *sends scumble, pork pies and a thoufand elephantf*
People of LJ! Are you sick and tired of Valentines*? Do you retch at the colour pink? Are you going to go on a homicidal rampage if you hear one more person say 'I wuv oo'?

Fear not, for help is at hand. I present: Tequilamas!

Happy drinking!


*If Valentine's Day was celebrated properly, with re-enactments of beheadings, Romans, and religious persecution, then I might like it. I wrote to Hallmark, but they didn't seem to like my ideas for cards - neither the 'you've made me lose my head' one or the 'since I met you, my heart will go Roman no more' one. Philistines.
Yes, yours truly is nineteen today. I can still legally drink, and still cannot drive a car, but I got hugs and a mango for breakfast and money and Making Money, so everything's shiny. And a cake made with chocolate and coffee that will eventually be filled with cream and icing and strawberries. My family has left me alone in the house with, which is A Bad Thing. Good thing it's too hot to eat. :D

And I've been getting hit with Firefly/Serenity muses, and I wrote a little fic in the early hours of the morning. Technically, it's not my first venture into a new fandom, but it's the first I did without prompting. Please to be reviewing, all Jossverse fans?

'Ambrosia', in which Simon gets a taste - literally - of life on board Serenity. )

And this brings my Fic 5000 word count up to 2460.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,460 / 5,000
Right, whatever religion or festival y'all are fans of, I hope you have a great day today.



(Bob the Ipod sends his regards.)
A birthday? Me? Already?

Now I'm eighteen, old and legal, so I can thus do all those responsible adult things like vote and drive and get horrendously drunk.

Should be good. :P
Happy birthday [profile] left_of_centre!

Now you are old and legal. So get out there and buy the rest of us alcohol! :P

The computer died on December 23rd... (well, not died, per se, as much as having a nice long sleep. Damn computers.) So it's been eleven days now since I was on here, and I'm now experiencing lj-lag very much.

lj-lag - feeling experienced when you go away for some time and come back to discover everyone else has updated about twenty times while you were away, leaving you feeling like you're stuck in a timewarp (see also update-guilt)

update-guilt - feelings of shame felt when considering how little attention you've devoted to your own lj, associated with lj-lag

(I is El the Philologist today. :P)

Ahem, besides that, here be the account of the days...

  • December 23rd always gets me muddled. What do you call it? Christmas Eve Eve? And what do you do on that day?

  • December 25th that was the day of the Christmas and the LOTR Extended Editions and the Felix t-shirt and the Little Britain badge and the happy things! :P

  • December 26th - NARNIA! (Narnia is love *loves*)

And after that was the existential vacuum that is the days between Christmas and New Year. The end.

But since when are we allowed six icons on a free account? (Not that I'm complaining, what with more room for shiny icons and all. *loves shiny icons*)




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