In which I am a Horrible Person, and there are cupcakes.
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I've started writing poems in Latin. I think this is generally known as the point of no return, "abandon hope all ye who enter here"* territory. Thanks to the Perseus Tufts website, I give you a poem written in Latin with a vaguely haiku format. It's all about the multiculturalism, really.

(And now we have poem mark II, hopefully now sans mistakes and now that I've had time to poke at it. Meaning is still the same, I think.)

Bellum adgreditur:
Milites pergunt, sacerdes precorantur,
Et ancillae in tenebris contremiscunt.

War approaches:
The soldiers march, the priests intone,
And the slave-girls quiver in the shadows.

All feedback on the Latin will be welcomed with open arms. I'm still not entirely certain about the third declension.

*If you have already abandoned hope, please disregard this notice.


In other news, I finished reading Master and Commander today! And I have Post Captain waiting for me! Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah! Drinks all around!

Latin icons

Jul. 3rd, 2008 06:07 pm
What it says on the tin: icons about Latin, mottos made up by me (except for number 1, I haven't progressed that far yet). Comments are love, credit nice but not necessary, suggestions for more mottos is awesome.

Hear me, ladies and gentlemen! On Wednesday the Second Day of the Month of April, my uni physics club is holding its infamous Liquid Nitrogen Day, and I need your advice! Tell me what to bring to this most excellent event so that we may see it frozen and shattered upon the ground! There are but two limits upon your suggestions:

- that the items be readily available. No sending me to Darkest Peru in search of some amazing berry that only grows on one tree, please.
- that the items are relatively sturdy. The email itself suggested eggs, but I'm not going to try that in a backpack.

Apart from that, any and every suggestion is welcome! Photographic evidence will assuredly be forthcoming! You have until this time tomorrow to comment!

And with that, dear readers, I bid you adieu for the night. *sweeping bow with top hat*

PS. Now I know how to say 'shut up', 'thief' and 'your mother' in Latin, so I can quit the subject. :P
Guys, if I ever make an archaeology/classics playlist (and I totally will one day), this will definitely be on it. Along with Walk Like An Egyptian.
Well, this is what happens when you have errant muses and an impending exam for Ancient Greek and Roman Culture. The exam was tolerable, and the fic almost wrote itself. I seem to do humour better. Apart from uni subjects, the thing that inspired me was Greywing's hilarious fic Mistaken Identities - go and read it.

Title: Mythic Grandeur
Disclaimer: Tolkien owns the Valar, Greek mythology belongs to the Greeks, and the crack belongs to me.
Summary: The Valar have different reactions to the latest collection of tales about them to come out of Middle-earth...


A good day

Sep. 23rd, 2007 05:38 pm
You know what a good day is? A good day is taking the train all the way to the beach, and walking along the shore as the clouds drift across the sky. A good day is eating delicious wedges and chai. A good day is hugging every statue that you pass. A good day is having a long conversation with someone in pirate talk (we missed Talk Like A Pirate Day... again). A good day is walking back to the train station talking about Roman emperors. A good day is falling asleep on the train to the sounds of Pink Floyd. A good day is eating icecream on the way home. A good day is spent with your sibling being surreal, and hoping that it entertains the public.

That's a good day. 
Prometheus the Emo, anyone? I can just see him playing A Simple Plan and wearing terribly thick eyeliner as the eagle tears out his liver. (Alright, perhaps he has an excuse. But still!)

Zeus is a playa with all his ladeez, although he'd be broke in the modern world with all the child support payments.

Apollo? Apollo is the hillbilly cow farmer who is entranced by the sounds of the newly-created lyre that Hermes made, mostly likely a banjo... anything made from cow gut and a turtle shell can't sound that good.

And, ah, the Egyptians. Worshipping a dung beetle? Truly classy. The place must be a breeding ground for James Bond villains, since one of their gods is called Hor-Aton-Ra, pronouned Whore-Atom-Ray. "With this Hor-Aton-Ra I will rule the world! MWAHAHAHA!"

I won't even mention that one of their kings has a name that translates as 'mighty catfish'. Honestly, what could a catfish do to enemies? Swim at them? Make the soldiers die laughing?

(In other words, the Greek gods will smite me down one day, the Egyptian gods are going to hate me, and Classical Studies = historically verified crack.)



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